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medical negligence

Medical Negligence Claims

Medical negligence or less commonly known in the industry as clinical negligence is when a person has been given care below the expected standard. This breach in their duty of care by the medical professional or institute has lead to a physical, emotional or mental injury to the patient.

What is medical negligence?

Medical negligence can happen in any sort of healthcare related institution publicly or privately, whether you get your healthcare privately or through the NHS. Hospitals, dentists, physiotherapists, GP’s, midwives and more all have a duty of care to you as a patient.

What is duty of care

Duty of care means that there is a minimum level of service they must provide, medical professionals are bound by law to give the best care they possibly can. Unfortunately, this is not the case and patients can suffer at the hands of negligence. When this happens this is where Scott Rees & Co can help.

Should I claim for medical negligence?

If you have suffered at the hands of a medical professional unnecessarily then of course you should. You are entitled to it. Quite often a medical negligence case can have a large impact on your physical and emotional well being, you may need to take time off work and sometimes all you want is an apology.

If you get your healthcare privately it is a service you pay for, if not you still contribute through taxes. Either way, if you’ve not received the service you expect then you should claim for compensation.

Looking after you

When you are being treated for an injury or illness that requires medical diagnosis and possibly even surgery, you have the right to expect the very best care and attention, whether you are being treated privately or in the NHS.

Unfortunately, negligence by medical professionals can and does happen, leaving many patients feeling vulnerable, confused and hurt. Many don’t know where to turn to and wonder who will believe their word over the word of a medical professional. This, to us, is unacceptable. We have a specialist department for medical negligence claims who –

– Understand your position
– Have great medical knowledge
– Have experience to fight your case
– Have an excellent track record

So, if something goes wrong with your surgery or you are misdiagnosed, and the mistake was made due to the negligence of the individual or hospital that is treating you, then you are entitled to claim for clinical negligence.

Making a medical negligence claim

Making a claim for clinical negligence can be extremely difficult, due to it being so hard to prove, which is why you should seek legal representation from a solicitor who has experience dealing with claims of this nature. This is where we come in.

At Scott Rees and Co we offer a personal approach to all of our clients and take the time to understand each individuals needs before offering them advice on the best course of action.

We have over 23 years of experience when it comes to claiming compensation for injuries and instances of this nature includes birth injuries to mother and baby, misdiagnoses or delays in cancer cases, errors with prescription, anaesthetic injury claims, cosmetic surgery errors, orthopedic surgery errors and hip and knee replacement surgery errors.

It is our promise to make the claim process as stress-free as possible for each and every one of our clients and we will deal with all types of clinical negligence, whether it has occurred at your GP’s, in the NHS or as a result of Private Care.

Our clinical negligence department are fully aware of the sensitive nature that most of these claims tend to carry and we promise our clients that we will provide support and listen to them before we offer the very best legal advice for their individual circumstance.

All of our solicitors work on a no win, no fee basis, which means that you will only pay for our service to you if your claim is successful, so there really is nothing to lose from making a claim.

Scott Rees & Co – medical negligence specialists

Here at Scott Rees we have over 20 years of experience helping clients get justice for their accidents or injuries. If you have a medical negligence claim and you want to make sure you use the best then your search is over. Resolving cases. It’s what we do.

Case Studies

Have a look at our case studies to see just some of our successful cases.

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To find out more information on whether or not you have a claim for clinical negligence compensation, you can contact Scott Rees and Co, either by making a claim using the claim form on the right hand side of this page, or by calling us free.

Medical Negligence Case Studies

2012- Scalpel blade lodged into client’s back- £1,500

The client had suffered from a trapped nerve in their back and required discectomy and decompression surgery. While undergoing the operation the blade of the scalpel being used by the surgeon broke and was left embedded in situ. The doctor could not seemingly remove it as it was lodged tight.

The client then also suffered another accident related to the blade being stuck. While recovering (with the blade still stuck) in their bed, one of the cleaners came to perform their duties. In doing so they knocked over a water jug which spilled onto the floor and client. After mopping the spillage and changing the bed sheets the patient was able to return to their bed. A couple of hours later when leaving the bed the client slipped on a still wet patch of floor that had been missed during the employees duties and fell onto the back that had been operated on and still contained the scalpel blade.

As a result of the fall she felt an instant pain in her back and also her left leg which is the one that slipped. After a consultant came to examine her it was found she had pulled a muscle in both her back and left leg. After being discharged the client still experienced back pain for a considerable time during recovery. Because of the second incident taking place, the client was told it was likely that her recovery from the operation would be elongated. They were also unable to remove the scalpel blade which is now entrenched in her back for the rest of her life.

We were very disappointed with the lack of care and due diligence taken with the client in this case. To have to live knowing there is a blade lodged into your back could be very psychologically unsettling. As soon as the client got in touch we wanted to help gain some level of compensation for both the unsettling nature of the first injury and the carelessness that caused the second, prolonging her pain that could have easily been avoided. Before the case required court proceedings we were able advise the client on the best course of action and secured a settlement of £1,500 for her injuries.

2007- Client’s jaw broken during operation- £13,760

The client attended hospital for an operation after being referred by her dentist due to pain caused by a wisdom tooth. The operation involved removing the wisdom tooth while under general anaesthetic. After having the procedure explained to her she was told by the consultant that the worst case scenario would likely be some numbness but no adverse side effects would happen.

During the operation the surgeon had fractured the jaw, leaving the patient in agonising pain when she awoke from her anaesthetic. She was moved to another section of the hospital following her surgeon apologising for the complication. She began to vomit blood and accidentally swallowed some owing to the state of her jaw not being able to function properly.

Later that evening she was transferred to another hospital where she continued to suffer consistent pain, unable to communicate. Because of the sensitive nature of the injury she could not take any painkillers. An x ray the following day revealed she required a metal plate which was scheduled.

Following the insertion of the plate she was given her discharge form the following day while still in intense pain and requiring a sick bucket. Upon arriving home she was unable to look after her family, requiring a liquid diet for 6 weeks and also having to employ her sister to cover the housework at a subsidised rate for the same time period. Even after the jawbone setting she still has trouble eating and chewing food.

Scott Rees were very disappointed to hear of the treatment of the client during this case. From consistently being transferred between hospitals and wards, to being discharged very quickly and struggling at home. This on top of the initial incident was more than enough to convince us to take action and assist the client. She was very unhappy with the aftercare and way she was treated, and so were we. Before the case required to go to court we were able to secure a settlement for the sum of £13,760. This case caused terrible pain and weeks of discomfort with even longer term after effects for the client and her family. We were more than happy to ensure she received some measure of justice for this drawn out, negligent incident.

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