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Road traffic accident - Personal injury solicitors

Personal Injury Claims

What is personal injury?

A personal injury is a physical injury to you usually as a result of someone else’s action. They can range from cuts and bruises, burns, fractured bones to more serious injuries such as amputation.

Victims of personal injury, if they are not at fault, have a right to compensation and this is where solicitors such as Scott Rees & Co come into play.

We provide expert representation for many different types of personal injury.

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Why do I need a solicitor?

Personal injury litigation can be very complicated. We, and the Law Society, would never recommend going at it alone. Using a solicitor makes the claim process straightforward: we will be able to give you experienced advice on whether or not you have a claim, we contact the insurance companies on your behalf as well as use all our knowledge into getting the maximum amount of compensation.

Without a solicitor this would be all down to you. If you’ve been affected by a personal injury make sure to use a professional like Scott Rees & Co.

Do I have to make a claim?

Absolutely not, you are not obligated to make a claim however, if the injuries sustained means you have to take time off work or costly changes are needed in your life then without a claim you are essentially paying for someone else’s mistake.

We are here to help you get your life back on track. The compensation we fight for is something you are entitled to and can go a long way to help you recover and rehabilitate. If you are unsure about the implication of making a claim then we urge you to give us a call and receive free advice from one of our experts.

Personal injury compensation specialists

We have been handling personal injury claims for the past 20 years and therefore have a vast range of experience when it comes to dealing with claims of this nature.

From start to finish we are here to help. From arranging medical appointments, negotiating with insurance companies and most importantly your recovery, we take care of everything.

We can help with minor and severe injuries, giving you the long term care and rehabilitation you need.

Committed to you

A dedicated specialist will be with you throughout the process of your claim. Only a phone call away, they are always available to deal with any questions you have. We value quality service and so we never cold call potential clients. We have a dedicated team ready to answer however should you wish to contact us.

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