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Anaesthetic Claims

Anaesthetic negligence

Anaesthetic is a godsend when used correctly during a medical procedure. It can help make the surgery easier to perform and, more importantly, make the patient as comfortable as possible.

However, anaesthesia is still a dangerous substance and can cause a lot of damage in inexperienced hands. If used negligently, it can cause permanent damage. If used at a time where another solution was best, it can cause death.

If you, or someone you know has been affected by negligent or dangerous use of anaesthetic, then call Scott Rees & Co. We are Haydock and Merseyside’s leading medical negligence solicitors.

Types of anaesthetic

There are two main types of anaesthetic – local and general. Commonly local is the weakest and general is the strongest. Typically, you would see the use of local anaesthetic at the Dentist’s office and general would be used for serious surgery. There are also different types of anaesthesia. These are:

– regional (targeted area)
– epidural (child birth)
– Spinal
– Sedation (relaxation)

Types of anaesthetic claims

Due to the variation in use of anaesthetic, there are a few dangers that can be caused by the substance. Below is a brief list of different possible incidents.

Being awake during surgery

This situation has featured in a few Hollywood movies; such is the horror of experiencing anaesthetic awareness. If being anaesthetised hasn’t been done correctly, a patient could experience the full surgery while awake. This can be a traumatic experience and in some rare cases the patient can feel pain. Moreover, as the body is paralysed, there is nothing the patient can do about it.

Nerve and spinal damage

If the anaesthetic syringe is injected into the spine or nervous system incorrectly, it can cause extreme pain and possible disability. This is the most common incident of negligence and happens due to inexperience of handling injections of this nature.

Brain damage

Brain damage and stroke can occur if there are issues with the patient’s blood pressure. They should always be regulated during a procedure, as negligence can cause serious and permanent damage.

What Scott Rees can do for you

At Scott Rees and Co we have a wealth of experience dealing with medical negligence cases. We completely understand what you must be going through and what care you may need to have a normal life again. We can help with the recovery and rehabilitation period, getting you the best care available.

We won’t just get the best compensation for your financial losses, but we can also help by getting you permanent care if the injury is of that severity. If you’ve been affected, then contact Scott Rees & Co today.

You can talk to us about what’s happened, as we are here for you. Calling us is free, or alternatively you can use the claim form on the right and we will get back to you.

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