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A&E Negligence Claims

We are so lucky to have the NHS and the A&E services that we do. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s a flawless system. If you’ve been to A&E and something has gone wrong, it’s time to call Scott Rees & Co. Accident and emergency (A&E) is a busy place that’s only getting busier. Never too far away from the media, the A&E department is the go-to place for something as small as a sniffle, to life threatening injuries.

Although our Doctors and Nurses are under extreme pressure, it does not give them the excuse to give anything less than a standard level of care. A mistake at A&E can mean permanent devastation for the patient. If you’ve been to A&E and suffered from negligence, give us a call today so that we can get you the compensation that you need.

Misdiagnosis at A&E

A misdiagnosis can be devastating under any circumstances. Before they offer any type of treatment or referral, the professional attending to you needs to make a proper diagnosis and look at your medical records. Have you been affected by a misdiagnosis, or received incorrect treatment as a result of a misdiagnosis at the A&E? If so, you need to call Scott Rees & Co.

No treatment

Unfortunately, as highlighted in some media articles, there have been cases where the staff at A&E has sent a patient home instead of referring or treating them. In some sad cases, this has lead to catastrophic injury as it got worse. Have you or one of your loved ones been sent home from A&E, only for the condition to then get worse? Give us a call.

Wrong treatment

Wrong treatment errors in A&E are often caused by a mix of the above two; If there is a misdiagnosis the wrong medical treatment can be prescribed. The incorrect treatment could result in an allergic reaction. Not only that, the wrong treatment won’t treat the original ailment which can get worse.

Patient neglect

One of the more controversial aspects of modern day A&E is the neglect some patients can suffer in a particularly busy A&E department. Have you or one of your loved ones made the staff aware of a severe injury only to then be pointed back towards the queue? Has the injury become worse or, in the case of a loved one, even fatal whilst waiting? Unfortunately, this can happen and if it has happened to you, or someone you know, it’s time to stop reading and give us a call.

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