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Doctor Negligence Claims

When you visit a general practice you expect a personalised touch, a friend who can help. You hope to get honest and impartial advice to help you get better. Although this is usually the case, sometimes it can go terribly wrong. Have you suffered at the hands of your GP or Doctor? This is a serious issue and you could claim compensation. Give us a call today to get the compensation you deserve

GP Medical Negligence

A trained GP, or Doctor, should know when they can and can’t help. A GP should always listen to the patient and offer expert advice. When they can’t, the patient should always be referred to a specialist. Everyone can make a mistake, however a mistake from a GP can be life changing.

GP Negligence Claims

Here are some examples of GP negligence claims we have dealt with:

– Failing to diagnose cancer
– Failing to refer to a specialist
– Prescribing the wrong medication
– Incorrect advice on pregnancy
– Doctor GP Taking Blood

Claiming negligence against a Doctor

Hopefully none of this will be familiar. However, if it is then give Scott Rees & Co a call straight away so that we can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Scott Rees & Co – Specialists in medical negligence

Scott Rees & Co has over 23 years experience in dealing with personal injury claims of this nature and we have trained and qualified medical negligence specialists. We also use cutting edge technology to maximize the compensation you can get. Don’t delay, if you’ve been a victim of medical negligence, we are here waiting to help.

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