Questions about claiming

Every day we receive hundreds of questions about your claim, compensation, how the claiming process works and more. For mutual convenience, we have put together a list of the most commonly asked questions below. We hope you will find our FAQ both informative and easy to browse.

  • Compensation FAQs
    Find out if you are entitled to make a claim, how much your injury is worth and how compensation is calculated.
  • Solicitor FAQs
    Got a question about solicitors? Do you need a solicitor? Want to change solicitors? This FAQ is related to solicitors.
  • About Your Claim FAQs
    These are the frequently asked questions about your claim, the claim process, ate insurance and more.
  • During Your Claim FAQs
    These FAQs are based on the claim process. This includes your medical examination, court proceedings, court directions and more.
  • Court FAQs
    These are court-related FAQs. Find out what a hearing is, if you have to attend court and what happens at court.

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Compensation FAQs

What is compensation?

Can I claim compensation?

How much is my claim worth?

How is my compensation calculated?

Solicitor FAQs

Do I need a solicitor?

Can I get an update from my solicitor?

Can I change solicitors?

About Your Claim FAQs

What is After-The-Event insurance?

During Your Claim FAQs

What is a medical examination?

What does issuing proceedings mean?

What are court directions?

What is a witness statement?

Court FAQs

Do I have to go to court?

How can I prepare for court?

What happens at court?

Video Testimonials

Alex Tomlinson

Alex suffered a mild concussion after a car crashed into the front side of his car. After a frightening experience, we did our best to provide Alex with a stress-free claim and guidance from start to finish.


Sandu worked as a welder but was not provided a mask by his employers. This resulted in Sandu being poisoned by carbon monoxide. After finding us online, we helped Sandu file a successful claim against his ex-employers.

Philip Holden

Philip's home and work life was affected after procedures to his foot surgery were neglected. Philip filed a medical negligence claim against the hospital and we were able to help him win his compensation claim.

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Highly recommended

My case was dealt with in a very professional manner and I was very impressed with my case handler.

Dan Nicholas

I had very helpful advice

I had very helpful advice and was dealt with without any problems. Any queries I had was dealt with . Friendly telephone contact, no holding on. Very good firm to be dealing with.

Mrs J Cunningham-Clayton

I had excellent service

I had excellent service. They won my case. The lawyers kept in contact throughout the process but did not bombard me thankfully. My case handler was so good, polite, and always responding to any emails i sent or calls i made promptly. :-)


Very quick and straightforward

Very quick and straightforward and approachable action.

Ms Anju Kumar

Professional in every way

They keep you in the loop at all times and always there if you need to talk or have a question. Once they take your case you feel and know that they there for you to the end first class service all the way. Thanks guys greatly appreciate your work.

Mr Enos Lewis