Who to contact

Below is a quick reference of relevant contact details to help you.

Update on your case

Contact: Case Manager
Phone: Found on our recent letter to you
Email: Found on our recent letter to you


Contact: Timothy Allen (Compliance & Client Care Partner)
Phone: 01695 712 455
Email: compliance@scottrees.co.uk

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Providing the best service possible

We want to provide every client with the best service possible and we care deeply about this. To accomplish this we need to hear back from you. Whether your feedback is positive or negative, we want to hear your honest opinion on what we are doing right and what we are doing wrong. We can use your feedback to improve and maintain the services that we provide for all current and future clients.

Update on your case

If you need an update on your case then your first port of call is to speak with your case manager. You can call them or message them by email and their contact details can be found on any documentation that they have previously sent you.

Resolving issues

First and foremost you should know that we are always on your side. Our solicitors will often go the extra mile for clients as we love nothing more than to get the right result for you.

However, if you feel at any point during your case that the service and care provided by us is adequate at best, then please let us know by sending an email to Timothy Allen at compliance@scottrees.co.uk.

We take any discontent very seriously and will always investigate the issues to see if there is an alternative way to resolve the matter.

Making a complaint

Are you still unhappy with your case or the service being provided by us? If you want to make a complaint against Scott Rees & Co then please have a look at our client care procedure which will guide you through the process on how to make a complaint. Your issues will be placed under immediate investigation with Scott Rees & Co to help find a resolution.

Compliance Partner

Mr. Timothy Allen is our Compliance and Client Care Partner and can be called directly on 01695 712 455 or you can leave your message in an email at compliance@scottrees.co.uk.

Awards, Accreditations & Associations

Scott Rees & Co has an outstanding record for providing excellent client care and customer experiences. Here are some awards and accreditations to show that we meet the high standards of the industry.

You can read more about our awards and accreditations here.