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Dental Negligence Claims

Have you ever been to the dentist and something’s gone wrong that shouldn’t? Perhaps you’ve been given substandard treatment? If the answer is yes, you could claim compensation with Scott Rees & Co.

Dental Negligence Claim

Not many people look forward to going to see their dentist and having any work done, even just a checkup. Because of the nature of teeth and oral health a dental procedure can often be uncomfortable and painful. However, this is part and parcel of going to the dentist and it is unavoidable. Sadly, sometimes patients can be given substandard and sloppy treatment which can lead to necessary pain and perhaps permanent damage; this IS avoidable.

What is a dental negligence claim?

A dental negligence claim can be made if you or a patient have recieved substandard care from the NHS or a private dentist office which has lead to an injury that could have been avoided. Having work done to your teeth or gums can naturally be painful but if you find that the patient was extreme and has lasted much longer than it should then you could claim.

Negligent use of anesthesia can also be claimed against, especially as anesthesia can leave a patient permanent damaged if the incorrect dose has been used. Allergic reactions can also be caused if the dentist failed to review medical records beforehand.

Lastly, misdiagnosis of ailments such as oral cancer can also happen if the dentist has not been thorough with their examination or failed to treat or refer if they spot any cancerous signs.

Types of dentist mistake claims

Below are some of our most common dentistry cases we’ve dealt with

– Misdiagnosis
– Using incorrect tools
– Negligent use of anesthesia
– Extraction of wrong tooth
– Nerve damage
– Delay in treatment
– Poor aftercare

What do I do now?

If you feel that you’ve been given substandard treatment from your dentist the first thing to do is to give us a call so we can discuss what’s happened and to see if you have a claim. You can do this by giving us a call on 0808 278 2386or from a mobile on 03334 146 875

Scott Rees & Co – Experts in dental negligence claims

Scott Rees & Co were founded in 1992 and have a lot of experience with medical negligence and dentist error claims. We take the hassle out of making a claim whilst always giving great service and the best result. If you have any questions at all or unsure about any stage of a compensation claim then feel free to give us a call for no obligation advice. We’re here to help.

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