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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Claims

If you’ve ever suffered from an extreme injury or been affected by another persons severe accident then Scott Rees & Co can help you recover, live your life and get the compensation you deserve. Call us now to get the claim started.

What is a traumatic experience?

A traumatic experience is something that only the victim knows. A traumatic experience can involve a catastrophic injury in an extreme and violent manner. However, a traumatic experience can also be thrust upon someone who has seen an incident of extreme violence and peril such as physical and sexual abuse. If you’ve been affected, please get in touch. We can help.

Post-traumatic stress disorder

If you have witness something frightening or severely distressing you may have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) which in some cases can not develop until a few years after the event. This could lead to time off work for psychological treatment as well as prescription antidepressants – traumatic experiences and PTSD can have a life long effect on your life. Don’t suffer in silence.

At it’s core, PTSD is an anxiety disorder which provide often very difficult symptoms to live with such as being unable to sleep properly at night, difficulty with concentration, feeling isolated, feeling heavy guilt and being unable to participate in certain activities that may remind you of the event causing the problem.

It is not an easy to spot or solve problem in many people. It is not uncommon that sufferers of PTSD do not realise they feel as bad as they do and allow the way they feel to continue. If you have shown signs of relating to PTSD having experienced an event which has shaken you, or that of a family member, then get in touch. Scott Rees have access to the UK’s best medical parishioners both in physical and mental health. The risk of carrying such a debilitating mental disease is not worth leaving to chance, it is better to assess any problem as soon as signs appear.

Examples of traumatic experience

  • Experience of War Zones
  • Being a hostage
  • Violent assaults
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Severe Neglect
  • Terrorism
  • Serious road accidents
  • Natural disasters
  • Severe amusement park accident

The effect on a family

Suffering distress following a traumatic experience is not just limited to the person who experienced/witnessed it. The family of that person are at risk from developing their own problems due to exposure to somebody affected. We understand that trying to help somebody with PTSD can be hard for a family, especially if they have never experienced it before. The effect it can have on the affected person, their outlook on life, the way they interact with others and the potential change in their personality can test relationships within a family unit.

The wellbeing of the family will also require consideration when completing a claim for suffering a traumatic experience. Help and guidance may be required for them, whether it be parents, spouses or other close family members, to know how to deal with the situation and learn to adapt to it, just like the sufferer will require their own coping strategies. Thankfully, Scott Rees has years of experience and we have help on hand to make sure everybody affected is looked after even beyond the claims process.

What can Scott Rees & Co do?

Scott Rees understand that mentally debilitating issues such as PTSD require specialist attention. When it comes to our catastrophic injuries department, we have been able to successfully deal with cases with these problems before.

One action Scott Rees can take is to offer the sufferer (and if necessary the family that may also be affected) their own crisis team. What this means is that we are able to supply those affected with a small team of specialists in their respective fields to help deal with any catastrophic situation. This stretches over more than just a life changing injury and can help with somebody suffering PTSD. The aim of the team is to develop coping strategies and monitor the progress of an individual that is suffering.

In a situation such as recovering from a traumatic experience, a Solicitor offers much more than a legal representative who will simply ply your case and give you compensation, we become part of your resolution process. We have specialist on site Solicitors who will be in touch with you regularly even after the case has ended to stay involved with the crisis team and yourself until you feel you have recovered.

What do I do now?

The first thing to do is call us and our claim advisors will guide you with starting your claim. If now is not the best time to call us then leave us your details and we can call you back.

Scott Rees have a team of very experienced professionals on the line for you to speak to in confidence. With well over 20 years behind us with many cases resolved including recovery from a traumatic experience, we can offer the very best help for anybody affected. We pride ourselves on giving free, honest, open and empathetic advice.

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