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Mouth Injury Claim Worth


Compensation is awarded based on the symptoms of your injury, and not the type of injury suffered. This means the values given are only estimates and should not be used as a reference for how much compensation you should expect to receive for your case.

Whilst we do make an effort to keep the information on this website as accurate and up-to-date as possible, you should only treat this information as a guideline. We do not accept liability for any inaccurate or out-of-date information contained on this website at any given time.

A list of the most common mouth injuries, teeth injuries and their claim worth can be found below.

Loss of teeth (£830 ~ £1,300)

You could be awarded between £830 and £1,300 as compensation for losing or seriously damaging your back teeth in an accident.

The loss of teeth can make eating and talking more difficult. Any difficulty with eating increases your compensation award. The values given in the brackets are for the loss or damage per back teeth. Compensation for your front teeth is slightly more due to cosmetic deformity and how it can affect you psychologically.

Loss of one front tooth (£1,600 ~ £3,000)

You could be awarded between £1,600 and £3,000 as compensation for losing or seriously damaging one front tooth in an accident.

Losing one of your front teeth or having it seriously damaged is a health hazard. It is also classed as a cosmetic deformity and can lead to psychological problems and more. If you have damaged or lost one of your front teeth from an accident or dental negligence, then you could be entitled to a claim.

Loss of two front teeth (£3,300 ~ £5,800)

You could be awarded between £3,300 and £5,800 as compensation for losing or seriously damaging two front teeth in an accident.

Losing or seriously damaging your two front teeth is a cosmetic deformity that can cause psychological problems such as anxiety. You may develop worries about what other people think of you, and the anxiety can cause you to become socially withdrawn.

Loss of several front teeth (£6,600 ~ £8,600)

You could be awarded between £6,600 and £8,600 as compensation for losing or seriously damaging several front teeth in an accident.

The loss of several front teeth has a profound effect on a person’s image and can psychologically affect people. People can develop anxiety issues and may become socially withdrawn. On top of developing a disorder, losing several front teeth can even affect a person’s job, particularly people who work in the modelling industry where their image is very important to them.

Chronic tooth ache (Up to £29,000)

You could be awarded up to £29,000 as compensation for suffering chronic tooth ache as a result of dental negligence.

You can claim for dental negligence if you have suffered negligent service from your dentist or other tooth specialist. If your doctor has failed to diagnose, warn you or treat your dental abscess, this can lead to you suffering from chronic tooth ache. In severe cases, you may be left to suffer chronic tooth pain over a number of years and develop significant deterioration in the overall condition of your teeth.

Find out how we can help if you have experienced dental negligence from your dentist or tooth specialist.

Loss of taste (£14,600 ~ £29,800)

You could be awarded between £14,600 and £29,800 as compensation for suffering loss of taste (ageusia) from a brain injury accident.

The loss of taste is not a mouth injury, but is a symptom of a head or ear injury. We have included this injury as it is related to the mouth. The loss of sense of taste is usually temporary. It is very rare for a person to suffer a total loss of taste. If you have suffered a loss of taste as a result of a head injury within the last 3 years, then you could be entitled to compensation.

Broken jaw (Up to £34,600)

You could be awarded up to £34,600 as compensation for suffering a broken jaw in an accident.

The level of compensation for your broken jaw will depend on whether it was a simple, serious or multiple jaw fracture, and whether permanent damage resulted from the injury. Serious jaw fractures can cause paraesthesia (pins and needles in the jaw), permanent damage to jaw movement and increased risk of arthritis developing in the joints.

For a more precise breakdown of jaw injury compensation, you can find more information on Face Injury Claim Worth.

Can’t find your injury?

Don’t worry if you cannot find your injury or condition. You can still claim even if your injury is not listed as there are too many injuries to cover. If your doctor has diagnosed that you are suffering from an injury or condition, and you think it could be the result of a recent accident or incident, then bring your claim to us and we can help you look into it.

Claiming compensation for a mouth injury

Have you suffered a mouth or tooth injury that wasn’t your fault? If yes, then call us today for expert advice in your free initial consultation. We are personal injury specialists and deal with mouth and teeth injury claims regularly. We can genuinely offer you the most relevant injury advice for your claim.

If we can help you, then we will support and guide you from your very first call till the end of your claim. We can provide you with the resources to fight your claim. We can support you with your recovery, treatment and more. Unless stated otherwise, all of our claims are no win no fee.

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