Compensation is awarded based on the symptoms of your injury, and not the type of injury suffered. This means the values given are only estimates and should not be used as a reference for how much compensation you should expect to receive for your case.

Whilst we do make an effort to keep the information on this website as accurate and up-to-date as possible, you should only treat this information as a guideline. We do not accept liability for any inaccurate or out-of-date information contained on this website at any given time.

A list of the most common elbow injuries and their claim worth can be found below.

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Tennis elbow (£2,200 ~ £17,500)

You could be awarded between £2,200 and £17,500 as compensation for developing tennis elbow injury at work.

A tennis elbow injury causes pain around the outside of the elbow. The elbow pain is more noticeable when lifting, gripping or twisting the arm. Tennis elbow is a type of repetitive strain injury. It is caused by the repetitive overuse of arm muscles. Therefore tennis elbow syndrome is a common work-related injury and can affect gardeners, road workers, chefs, waiters and several more occupations.

Find out more about repetitive strain injury and how we can help you.

Golfer’s elbow (£2,200 ~ £17,500)

You could be awarded between £2,200 and £17,500 as compensation for developing golfer’s elbow injury at work.

A golfer’s elbow is similar to a tennis elbow in that the condition causes pain on the outside of the elbow. A golfer’s elbow is the inflammation of the tendons in your forearm muscles. It is caused by overusing the muscles responsible for gripping and rotating the arm. A golfer’s elbow is a common workplace injury and is classed as a repetitive strain injury.

Find out more about repetitive strain injury and how we can help you.

Cubital tunnel syndrome (£2,000 ~ £24,300)

You could be awarded between £2,000 and £24,300 as compensation for developing cubital tunnel syndrome at work.

Cubital tunnel syndrome is caused by applying prolonged pressure on the ulnar nerve. The ulnar nerve runs down your arm and is responsible for controlling the muscles in your hand and arm that allow you to grip. You can develop cubital tunnel syndrome by leaning on your elbow for long periods of time, such as when using your computer at work. In most cases this disability is only temporary and can be easily treated without the need for any form of surgery.

Dislocated elbow (£2,000 ~ £41,600)

You could be awarded between £2,000 and £41,600 as compensation for suffering a dislocated elbow injury in an accident.

The elbow is actually a joint that connects the 3 bones in your arm. A dislocation is suffered when the bones at the joint move out of place. Most elbow dislocations will not require surgery unless serious injury has been caused to the bone, ligament or nerves. The upper value of this bracket is usually awarded in situations where your injury has caused a severe disability.

Broken elbow (£2,500 ~ £41,600)

You could be awarded between £2,500 and £41,600 as compensation for suffering a broken elbow injury in an accident.

A fractured elbow joint is a broken elbow. As the elbow isn’t protected by any muscles, it can break easily by a heavy forceful blow to the joint. Elbow fractures are common injuries with people who have slipped or fallen and landed on their outstretched arm or elbow. Surgery is required in many cases for a broken elbow. The upper value of this bracket is usually awarded when severe disability has been caused.

Can’t find your injury?

Don’t worry if you cannot find your injury or condition. You can still claim even if your injury is not listed as there are too many injuries to cover. If your doctor has diagnosed that you are suffering from an injury or condition, and you think it could be the result of a recent accident or incident, then bring your claim to us and we can help you look into it.

Claiming compensation for an elbow injury

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