Bill Hind reaches a remarkable 25 years service at Scott Rees!

Bill Hind gives 25 years service to Scott Rees

Two weeks ago on Valentines Day, when most people were celebrating for other reasons, Bill Hind quietly approached 25 years at Scott Rees. To have given 25 years to a firm with 27 years to their name is simply an astonishing accomplishment! In that time he’s been involved in 2 office moves, lost count of the amount of times he’s had to change desks and, due to his many lunch visits, he’s kept The Village Inn in business!

Bill began his Scott Rees career with a placement from TPT Limited for a period of 3 months before being offered a full time role in February 1994. He initially assisted with filing and photocopying before moving into Royston’s team (he wasn’t a Partner back then!!) to assist with file handling and issuing proceedings.

After moving through a few more departments he eventually settled in the costs department where he’s now spent more time there than every other department put together!

“Since being here, I’ve made many friends and I couldn’t have wished to meet a nicer bunch of people within all the departments.”

He also said: “My favourite memory was from the first Christmas party that I attended. It was a great way to meet the teams and if I could make a wish, I’d like to see all the teams back together for a joint Christmas party next time!”

Such a sweet request from one of the nicest and most approachable people around! Bill also turns out to be one of shyest too. He joked that had he known he was going to have his photo taken he would’ve left last November!! You’ll have your chance again Bill for your next milestone in 5 years time!!

Until then we can’t appreciate your loyalty enough. From all the Partners, your colleagues and the friends you’ve made here, we’d all like to thank you for your hard work, dedication and service over the last 25 years and hopefully it will continue for many more years to come!!

And this wraps up our Long Service Awards & Recognition in February ’19. Once again, congratulations to Bill Hind (25 years), Julie Cross (20 years), Steven Dalby (10 years) and Dogus Usta (10 years) for reaching their respective milestones.