Patients being recalled over shoulder operation concerns

This article was published on: 10/22/22

Patients being recalled over shoulder operation concerns

Up to 600 patients are to be recalled after complaints of shoulder operation negligence. A BBC report has found that there have been 21 clinical negligence claims against an orthopaedic surgical consultant between 2010 and 2018.

Numerous patients have reported to have lost the ability to use their arms following their procedure. A private patient suffered from pain following an operation to repair his rotator cuff and another patient underwent an unnecessary operation with a screw placed wrongly.

All these patients have lived with constant pain due to medical negligence. They have become incapable to perform simple everyday household tasks and have missed out on little life moments such as picking up their children for a hug. As a result, many patients have also suffered from serious mental health battles.

Shoulder Surgery Negligence

Surgical negligence happens when surgeons make mistakes during your operation, leaving you with further problems or injuries. Surgical negligence can include performing the wrong operation, receiving unnecessary treatment, failure to provide proper aftercare and more.

Shoulder operations are known to be intricate as the shoulder is the most mobile joint of our body. It’s under and surrounded by muscles and many major nerves and blood vessels are very close to the shoulder joint, making it a tricky operation even in the best circumstances.

A shoulder surgery mistake – as we have read about the patients suffering above- can hugely impact your physical and mental health, your work, your life and ultimately your finances, which is why compensation for such surgical errors is vital.

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