What our clients said in September 2019

What our clients said in September 2019

Here is this month’s edition of ‘What our clients said in’ where we would normally cover a selective number of reviews written by our clients. We have only selected one review this month, not only because we could only fit one review on the page but because we thought it was honest, thoughtful and provided useful feedback to our readers.

Here is the review:

You live and learn

I was involved in a major car accident involving seven cars. My car was written off and I was very fortunate to come away from it with a minor injury to my shoulder. Having had many injuries in my sporting life I expected this injury to resolve fairly quickly.

I received many cold calls from companies who seemingly had obtained information about the accident encouraging me to use their company to make a claim. I had heard and read stories about these activities that made me hesitant to do this. However, the injury was not improving and it seemed sensible at this point to arrange some professional treatment.

I decided to make a claim and did an online search for a reputable company that specialised in this field. I chose Scott Rees. This turned out to be a wise choice.

Very quickly, I was given an appointment to have the injury assessed. Then a course of physiotherapy was arranged at a convenient location. All the paperwork was dealt with online and was reasonably straightforward. My claim handler was readily contactable to answer any questions I had about the process.

I have now received a payment which I believe is fair compensation for the period of discomfort the injury caused. Thank you.

Earn £50 for leaving a review

Every month we hold a £50 prize draw where we select a review at random that has been left for Scott Rees on Google, Yell, Facebook and Trustpilot. The client who left that selected review will be awarded £50 as a thank you for their feedback and contribution.

It is not an award for the best written or most complementary feedback; the £50 prize is awarded at random. To be eligible to enter the draw: (1) the review must be posted by a client of ours; (2) we must be able to identify the client from the review; (3) the review is posted on any of our accounts on Google, Yell, Trustpilot and Facebook; (4) you can gain additional entries by posting on additional review platforms (only Google, Yell, Trustpilot and Facebook are accepted; posting 4 reviews on all 4 platforms entitles you to 4 entries, which is the maximum entries permitted per client).