What our clients said in February 2019

Reviews from clients for Scott Rees in February 2019

Here is another edition of “What our clients said in” for February 2019! Thank you to our clients for leaving reviews for us. We’ve put together a few from what you told us last month!

🎉 Also congratulations to T. Haque from Birmingham who was randomly selected to be awarded £50 for their review in February!! 🎉

As a reminder, every month ONE review posted that same month is randomly selected where the review writer will be awarded £50. The review is only considered if it was posted on Google reviews, Trustpilot reviews, Facebook recommendations or Yell reviews. Also, the review is only considered if we can identify the writer as a client of ours. The review is not judged on the quality of what is written, but we hope that the feedback given is constructive and honest.