Wet roads and low visibility dangers on roads

This article was published on: 12/5/16

Statistics released by officials from Cheshire recently demonstrated the increased need to be alert and attentive behind the wheel during the colder, darker months, following a selection of serious injuries and deaths were attributed directly to rainfall.

Rain, snow and fog dangers

Winter conditions add difficulty to driving (especially at high speeds on motorways) by decreasing visibility and making the road surface slippery. Sometimes the wet or icy conditions require drivers to brake more often and drive slower. This, in turn, requires drivers behind them to reciprocate. In poor conditions, it is always a good idea to allow the extra room and drive a little slower to reduce the chance of collision.

In Cheshire the findings attributed 21 serious injuries and one death to poor, wintery conditions. This has prompted the emergency services to remind road users to take appropriate care when faced with these dangers.

Adaptation required

Highway’s England’s Head of Road Safety, Mr Richard Leonard, spoke to local news outlets in Chester regarding the reminder campaign. Talking about the problems with how drivers perceive wet conditions, he said“Most of us already slow down in snow, ice or fog but when it rains we consider it normal so don’t adapt our driving.”

“The sad fact is that 2,918 people were killed or seriously injured on the roads in Great Britain when it was raining last year, and not slowing down to suit the current conditions was identified as a factor in one in nine of all road deaths.”

“Rain makes it harder for tyres to grip the road and harder for drivers to see ahead – significantly increasing the chances of being involved in a collision. We’ve launched our new campaign to make drivers aware of the dangers and to stay safe.”

Changing attitudes to rain from being perceived as “normal” to a condition which requires us to take more care could have a profound effect on accident statistics in wet weather.

Aquaplaning is a very real danger in wet conditions

The legal view

When driving in ice, snow, rain or fog you need to ensure you look after your fellow road users as well as yourself. If you drive in a calm, measured manner you will be able to avoid any collisions yourself. If however another road user doesn’t adapt to conditions and causes harm via a collision to you, friends or family, then you are entitled to legal representation.

If you or anybody you know has been hurt by a careless driver in wet or icy conditions, then you can make a claim for compensation for your injuries. Wehave a long history of assisting road traffic accident victims claim compensation and gain justice for the problems caused to them.

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