Project EDWARD aims for 24 hours of safe roads

This article was published on: 08/24/16

Over 1,700 people were killed on UK roads last year. This is an increase over the year before and with so many recorded deaths occurring, not only in the UK but in Europe too, many organisations have come together to create a special project. This is due to take place on September 21st and is called Project EDWARD.

Safety First

Project EDWARD is an initiative setup by the European Traffic Police Network named TISPOL. The project is set to help remind drivers to take as much precaution as possible. It will also encourage people to  remember that the best way to control accidents is by being an example and driving safely yourself. On the 21st September, TISPOL is hoping to see zero deaths on roads in Europe.

TISPOL are looking to leading policymakers and road safety professionals to join the project and get the message across that taking care of others is also taking care of yourself. The General Secretary of TISPOL, Ruth Purdie, said “We believe Project EDWARD has the potential to generate significant interest – from policymakers, road safety professionals, politicians, police officers, manufacturers and the general public.”

“It offers an excellent opportunity to re-energise everyone’s efforts to work towards the 2020 casualty reduction targets, as well as offering to raise the profile of road safety significantly.”

Fatalities “devastate” families

Fatalities on the road result in serious emotional circumstances for everyone involved. The feeling of responsibility for a fatal accident can remain with someone for years, while the family of the deceased, have to deal with the pain of loss. They also have to deal with the anticipation of a future without their lost loved one.

Involvement in a serious accident, can cause huge knock on effects and it makes for a difficult job for any solicitor involved. When dealing with a fatal accident case, our catastrophic injury department focus on the emotional strain caused by the accident. We make contact with specialists and put together the best team capable to help the family with all aspects of their loss. From funeral planning,  to grief counselling and financial management.

Following a death on the road, the last thing a family would want to deal with is the monetary issues like insurance, recovery of vehicles and other such paperwork. Our specialist crisis team will support the family with these tasks and help to relieve some of the  burden, allowing the family peace and time to grieve. We will also be on hand to offer advice and guidance to help life run as normal.

With so many deaths on the road per day, a day with zero deaths would ensure that every family in Europe would not have to deal with the anguish caused by unsafe drivers to their loved ones.

Advice available

We hope that many organisations, charities and the general public get on board for project EDWARD. With deaths on the UK in the thousands per year, any attempt to prevent incidents and educate drivers to the dangers are a very welcome effort.

No one should be left to deal with the loss of serious injury of a loved one. If someone you care for has suffered because of another motorist’s negligence, contact us today for  advice on 01695 722 222. We are open from 9am to 7pm on weekdays and are able to call you back at a time convenient to you.

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