Arriva warns youths against dangerous “bus surfing”

This article was published on: 02/22/17

Arriva bus has warned potential joyriders of the risks attached to hitching a ride on the back buses and lorries. ‘Bus surfing’ describes somebody grabbing and hanging onto a bus or lorry to hitch a free ride. However, the bus company are denouncing the activity because of safety fears.

Police & Arriva unite

Spokespersons for both Police and Arriva are attempting to reinforce the notion of how costly this action is. This is due to the release of photos showing a group of youngsters hanging on to a bus recently in St Helens

An Arriva representative told local press:

“Bus surfing is extremely dangerous and can end in serious injury or even death.”

“Anyone found to be doing this on an Arriva bus will be reported to the police immediately as it puts both the individual and other road users at risk.”

The Police do have measures to prevent such activities, including court summons that result in fines and community service. In 2013 West Midlands Police punished five youngsters as a result of ‘bus surfing’ with community service which included cleaning the buses they held on to.

This punishment is a good way to educate young people of how dangerous clinging on to heavy vehicles is and the threat it carries to the offenders’ and other road users’ lives.

Human cost

It is not just the offender who is at risk from this dangerous practice. The possibility of falling into the path of other vehicles poses risk to everybody around them. Road users travelling in the opposite direction are likely to be unaware of someone swinging from an oncoming vehicle. Therefore, the falling bus surfer is at risk when they fall.

What are my rights?

If you suffer an injury because of the negligence of another road user, then you have the right to claim. This applies to all situations and ensures you are protected if you are a safe driver.

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