Yobs endanger lives by throwing stones from bridge

This article was published on: 10/27/16

Skelmersdale recently bore witness to mindless acts of criminal damage when a group of yobs endangered lives by throwing rocks from a motorway bridge onto the windshields of passing cars. Thankfully none of the drivers of the four vehicles hit were injured, but the damage could easily have been far worse.

Mindless damage

The incident occurred in the early hours of the morning including two cars and two HGVs travelling towards Wigan. The objects thrown were more akin to boulders than rocks, leaving damage to the windscreen right across the front of the vehicles.

The incidents were reported to the police who immediately went to investigate and placed a notice on their Twitter account (see below) to warn drivers of the reported incidents. The objects thrown were described as “large balls of mud”.

Two of the drivers spoke to local media about their experiences. The HGV driver, Mr Steven Halsall said “I’m pleading with all parents that you know what your children are doing and who they are with. Somebody is going to get killed. I go to work and I fully expect and have the right to go home to my family safe as you expect your children to return home safe to you.”

The driver of one of the cars also spoke up. Ms Gillian O’Donnell said of the incident “Stupid, stupid people. It could have been much, much worse. I managed to get to the hard shoulder quickly and stop but someone else may not be so lucky, please share and be careful.”

Criminal activity

Throwing objects from a bridge is unquestionably dangerous, childish and a risk of human lives. As a personal injury firm we were saddened to hear of such behaviour going on close to our home.

Should anyone have been hurt, there would have been no option but for police to attempt to apprehend those responsible as soon as possible and proceed with criminal damage and injury charges accordingly.

There is no doubt the seriousness of this situation and how horrific the aftermath could have been.

We would also like to remind anybody who may have suffered injury through a similar situation, on a motorway, on regular roads or on public transport that those responsible are committing criminal injury, which you can claim compensation for to gain a measure of justice.

If you have suffered as such please call one of our team on 01695 722 222 to have a conversation (lines are open weekdays from 9am to 7pm) or fill in our form regarding the incident and we can advise you on your best possible course of action.

We hope the incident now being investigated is resolved swiftly by Lancashire Police and hope no other incidents occur in future.

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