Wreckage from fatal car accident to be used in safety campaign

This article was published on: 05/10/17

A major road safety campaign has kicked off in Southampton. Members of the emergency services are displaying vehicle wreckage from an accident which caused a fatality. The intention behind the campaign is to drive home the poignant message of how easily an incident can cost a child’s life.

Capturing the imagination

The event, run in association with a local children’s hospital, is a vital tool for spreading road safety awareness across the area. A Paediatrician from the local children’s hospital praised the boldness of the campaign, saying:

“With so many incidents and children being seriously injured or killed on our roads every year, it is vitally important we take action to raise awareness – and we can only do that by ensuring we really capture people’s attention and imagination.”

The event (in its second year running) is showing attendees the cost of reckless driving first hand. It combines both personal experience from service members as well as the physical evidence of the wreckage. The particular car on display was involved in an incident in the Isle of Man which resulted tragically in a child’s death. While the reality is harrowing, it is poignant, hard hitting physical evidence that it is not alright to risk people’s lives.

Be the example

It may be hard to resist going a little bit faster at times. It may be difficult to sit and wait at lights rather than breeze through as they change. It may be hard to be the “good example” of driving on the road. If you do however, you have done everything in your power to ensure the roads around you (and its users) are safe. Driving within limits and laws ensures you aren’t risking lives.

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