Whiplash victim finds justice from negligent taxi driver

This article was published on: 03/6/17

A Dorset man has won his whiplash claim, as a local taxi firm admitted their driver was at fault for his injuries.

The accident occurred as the taxi that the man, who has asked to remain anonymous, was travelling in, collided with a car that had pulled out from a side road.  It was deemed that the driver of the taxi had been reckless and the accident could have been avoided had they been more vigilant to their surroundings.

A driver’s duty

Carrying passengers adds responsibility for any driver. That responsibility requires extra precaution to keep all safe. For a taxi driver this occurs multiple times per day. The penalty for not taking care can be more than just vehicle damage.

The incident took place at night time, as the taxi driver made his way down a street that was full of parked cars. As the taxi made it’s way down the road, another vehicle pulled out from a side road. Due to the speed the taxi driver was travelling at, he did not allow himself adequate time to stop and collided with the vehicle.

The passengers were all jolted sharply, with their seat belts thankfully saving them from being thrown. The impact was still harsh enough that all passengers suffered whiplash injuries. It was apparent instantly as all confirmed they felt similar sensations of pain, burning and soreness within moments.

The collision could have been avoided had the taxi driver been more vigilant, being able to brake and avoid the crash (even though the car turning should not have done so). Given the taxi had enough time to make an emergency stop the driver is just as responsible as the driver who pulled out.

Offer accepted


Following the accident, the client required a course of physiotherapy to fully recover, costing him time from work and the ability to enjoy his sporting activities. It was because of this that the victim instructed Scott Rees and Co to begin legal proceedings on his behalf.The case was straightforward with the taxi company admitting  their driver’s fault. Following this admission, they made an offer to the claimant to settle the case outside court. The man was happy to resolve the case promptly and negotiated a fair settlement for the recovery time and the costs of treatment.

He was awarded £2,060 in compensation. Upon receiving his settlement he praised the service he received from Scott Rees & Co’s,stating “they made the whole process a lot smoother.”.

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