VR used to educate young motorists

Suffolk county council used the latest technology as part of their exhibition tent at this years Suffolk show. The use of virtual reality headsets gave added realism to young drivers and motorcyclists about the cost of poor driving.

Harnessing technology

The Suffolk show, attended by tens of thousands this past week, gave authorities a great chance to meet newly qualified, young drivers. With so many attractions including agricultural events and activities, the council tent really had to ensure they had something worth visiting to attract its audience.

Thankfully for them however they had the latest in virtual reality technology to help bring visitors to their tent. The VR headsets allowed users to see from a direct point of view, how poor driving habits and taking risks can affect themselves and others.

The footage used on the headsets are also available on YouTube, ensuring everybody can take a look for themselves.  The added advantage of the helmets however were the ability to have a 360 degree viewpoint of what it is like to be inside a car crash, able to see the damage all around them rather than simple over the dashboard.


The videos at the show are part of a larger campaign by Suffolk Roadsafe Partnership called AskEmrider. The campaign wants to educate and assist building good driving habits and skills for inexperienced drivers and riders.

Given the high numbers of injuries in the Suffolk region (215 injured motorcycle riders in 2015), authorities wanted to target those most vulnerable.  Inexperience and lacking confidence, can carry greater risk of collisions for young drivers.

A bike safety officer for the scheme, a Miss Walker, spoke to local press about the campaign; saying: “We find that a lot of people come off their bikes because they are not experienced enough which they can’t help when they have just started or the help isn’t there to train them.

“The whole idea for this campaign is to teach them about what they need by directly targeting teens and young people with YouTube videos and social media to try and get the message out here to the audience who need it.”

Protection from negligent motorists

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