Top insurer supports TSC’s call for end to pre-medical whiplash offers

This article was published on: 08/7/13

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Leading insurance firm AXA have supported criticism made by the Transport Select Committee (TSC) over offers being made to whiplash victims by some insurers before a medical has taken place.

Last week the TSC released their much anticipated report on whiplash and in what was a largely damning conclusion for the insurance industry throughout, they picked up on the issue of insurance companies making offers to victims of accidents before carrying out medical examinations as one of the reasons for fraudulent behaviour within the industry.

The usual dismissive response expected from the insurers though was not present on this occasion as AXA supported the TSC‘s findings and called for changes to be made to ensure this practice is stamped out.

They went on to suggest that all injury claims should, in future, be supported by a medical diagnosis from a doctor.

AXA’s motor claims manager, Phil Rawlings commented on these proposals saying: “We would welcome this and it may go some way to avoid some of the more blatant attempts at organised fraud. We have often seen medical reports that are virtually identical in detailing the extent of the injury and the prognosis for the future. The only difference being the claimant’s name.

“Where claimants are genuinely injured in an accident that was not their fault, they should expect appropriate compensation to be paid quickly and effectively.

“We experience many claims which are commenced but then stall for the want of disclosure of medical evidence. Changes to injury claims pursued through the Ministry of Justice portal may positively influence this.”

Last month AXA released their own proposals for the industry, which were criticised by Motor Accident Solicitors Society for being based on out of date figures and highly biased towards the motives of the insurers.

But the suggestion of accredited medical professionals being introduced into the whiplash claims process in one thing that the personal injury sector can agree on providing it is independently overseen.

With the Transport Select Committee’s report now a week old, all eyes are still on how the government reacts to the findings and what, if any, reforms will be made to the small claims track.

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