Common sense safety precautions being ignored by drivers

This article was published on: 07/28/16

A police health and safety operation in Tonbridge Wells last week resulted in 75 cars stopped in a single day for failure to meet common safety precautions, including wearing a seatbelt, using a mobile phone, and speeding. The worrying result of the exercise is that with this found in a small selection of drivers, could this be a larger problem nationwide?

Tonbridge Operation

The health and safety exercise undertaken by Kent police, Kent fire and Tonbridge rescue service, saw vehicles stopped and spoken to; with the option of either speaking to the emergency services about the possible risks of their actions, or face a penalty. Seven drivers were an exception after being deemed to be travelling at excessive speeds.

In numbers, the stoppages were a result of:

  • Speeding: 39 Cars
  • Not wearing a seatbelt: 32 cars
  • Using a mobile phone: 4 cars

Heading up the operation, Sergeant Ashley Boxall spoke of the exercise serving as a reminder to drivers to not take liberties with safety while driving, saying: “Driving at excess speed, without a seatbelt or while using a mobile phone puts yourself and other road users in needless danger. I hope that educating drivers in this manner will help get that message across and save lives in the future.”

Countrywide problem?

Could this be a countrywide problem? Having received hundreds of calls over the past 12 months from claimants who were injured as a result of both drivers using mobiles and speeding indicate perhaps there is a requirement to curve this behaviour while driving.

There are a lot of distractions for drivers now mostly revolving around mobile technology. With the recent launch of Niantech’s highly successful Pokemon GO, which is also causing safety concerns in itself, it could be time for authorities to take a tougher stance on behaviour like that seen in the Tonbridge operation.

What do to if I’m affected by it?

If you suffer an injury while driving, walking, cycling, running or taking any form of transport as a result of a negligent driver who is speeding, using a mobile phone or simply not paying attention as they should, you can claim back the damage they have caused.

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