Taxi driver enjoys justice following injury claim win

This article was published on: 05/26/17

A Scott Rees & Co client recently settled a case ensuring he was fully compensated for the losses he suffered. John, from Wales, is a taxi driver.

Hazard perception

The incident which caused the injuries happened during one of John’s shifts. During a particular wet and windy evening, John was carrying 2 paying passengers. He was driving along a road in a straight line with no obvious dangers.

As he continued along the road the third party decided to reverse out of a parking bay at the roadside. They did this without checking the road, causing a collision when the rear of their vehicle collided with John’s taxi.

The initial damage saw the bumper of John’s taxi shoved out of alignment and the left door of his vehicle unable to open properly. The car sustained some considerable damage, enough so that John was forced to use a hire car for a number of weeks following the incident.

He also suffered injuries to his back, neck and shoulders when the shunt took place. Thankfully, his passengers were unharmed. Unfortunately for John however, he took the brunt of the force which left him injured.

Recovery time

The injuries required John to undergo physiotherapy for just over a month following the incident. The issues in his neck and shoulder lasting for a period of weeks. He initially took 3 days off work due to very limited mobility as well as taking a reduced schedule of taxi driving for 3 weeks afterwards.

The days off and reduced hours affected earnings with his contract reliant on hourly rates. During his recovery he instructed Scott Rees & Co to act on his behalf. As experienced personal injury solicitors, we were able to help provide the necessary specialists to deal with all aspects of the claim.

Due to the obvious nature of the case, court proceedings were not necessary and the third party admitted liability for the incident. This helped John negotiate a settlement quicker, enabling him to cover his costs as quickly as possible.

Scott Rees & Co were very pleased to award John with £1,788 in damages both to his car and his person. He was very pleased with the service he received, taking to our social platforms to give his opinion on the company, stating:

“(Scott Rees & Co)kept me updated with what was going in the confines of the law. Job well done. Thank you very much for walking with me through out this process.”


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