Stephen Hussey and Gaynor Hamill reach 10 year service at Scott Rees & Co

We would like to congratulate Stephen Hussey (pictured) and Gaynor Hamill who both reached their 10 year service at Scott Rees & Co in January and February 2020 respectively.

Stephen said, “I actually started at Scott Rees in March 2005 but left briefly for 6 months, only to return because I was missing the place too much! I’ve been back for 10 years and have made many friends here, which is one of the main reasons for why I’ve stayed at Scott Rees for such a long time.”

Stephen received a £250 voucher as part of our Long Service Award. He said he’ll be putting it towards a new TV to put the finishing touches to their home renovations.

Gaynor started in February 2010 in a part time role as an out-of-hours first responder where she’d be taking initial calls and loading them into our system. She soon secured a full time role and is now working as an assistant to the multi track team who deal with complex and serious injuries.

Gaynor said, “What I like about Scott Rees is the opportunity they offer for job progression. I also like most of the people here, and met my fiancé here too although he no longer works at Scott Rees now.”

After 10 years working for a legal firm, Gaynor clarifies that it’s a fulfilling job.

“It’s nice when a case settles and the client receives the compensation they deserve, especially if it has been a traumatic event, in which case most of ours are.”

Gaynor also received a £250 voucher of her choice, which she said she’ll use towards a nice piece of meaningful jewellery.