Scott Rees will be running in the Wigan 10K for Wigan Youth Zone

This article was published on: 07/24/19

Runners in running shoes preparing to run

On Sunday 1st September, Scott Rees & Co solicitors will be partaking in the annual Wigan 10K run to fundraise for the Wigan Youth Zone.

Wigan Youth Zone

The Wigan Youth Zone is a facility that opened in Wigan in 2013 to aid the progression and development of young people in Wigan and nearby areas. It aims to provide the best experiences for young people with a plethora of activities, support and training. People can donate and fundraise money for the Wigan Youth Zone, who will in turn use that money to provide greater opportunities to raise the aspirations of the young people of Wigan.

Wigan 10K

The Wigan 10K is an annual run across Wigan spanning 10km (a standard marathon is just over 42km). It is often attended by many runners fundraising for different charities and causes. The Wigan 10K event is highly anticipated and always well attended. As such they do not recommend registering on the day of the race. An example stated on their website would be in 2015, registration was closed six days before the race was run after reaching full capacity.

Scott Rees fundraising

Chris Connor, Partner at Scott Rees & Co, will be joined by a couple of currently unnamed employees as they represent our firm and run in the Wigan 10K for the Wigan Youth Zone team.

Chris said: “Some of those (young people and children) who attend Wigan Youth Zone have absolutely nothing and/or come from a difficult home life. Yet it is incredible how much having the Wigan Youth Zone in their lives makes a difference. I’m a firm believer that every child deserves the same chance as everyone else in life, and facilities like the Wigan Youth Zone make that happen. I’m thrilled that Scott Rees & Co will be doing our bit to help them by running in the 10k!”

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