Scott Rees solicitors ready to celebrate Chinese New Year

Chinese staff at Scott Rees

Scott Rees & Co are preparing to join the Chinese New Year celebrations in Liverpool this Sunday. Scott Rees & Co are the leading North-West personal injury solicitor firm and have offered their support to make sure this year’s event is a special one!

We are sponsoring the Liverpool Chinatown Business Association’s (LCBA) celebration to bring in The Year of the Snake, which will take place across various parts of the city. The celebrations will continue all day long and will finish with a VIP dinner in the New China Restaurant on Berry Street on Sunday 10th February.

There will be a whole range of arts and cultural events held through out Liverpool during the week leading to Sunday. The main celebrations will include a Chinese New Year market, as well as dragon, unicorn and lion dancing and street parades accompanied by spectacularly loud fire cracker displays.

As part of our service to the people across the UK and more specifically the North West, Scott Rees often assist with many clients from a wide variety of origins, including the Chinese.

We currently have 9 Chinese members of staff working here, which is one of the higher figures for a solicitor firm in the North West.

To celebrate the occasion with our Chinese-members of staff, we have decided to offer our support towards this year’s Chinese New Year celebrations.

Scott Rees Marketing Partner, David Byrne explains: “At Scott Rees we are very proactive towards supporting a wide range of ethnicities and communities. Within the North West alone the Chinese community is well represented and we are proud to currently have 9 members of staff from Chinese origin working for us. That is why we are keen to join in and show our support for their celebrations. We are always looking for more ways to offer support to the local community and that is why we are sponsoring the LCBA’s celebration.”

As always, we are proud to sponsor and help out with local charities, events and causes. If you are interested in generating some interest for a good cause, then why not contact Scott Rees & Co? We can be contacted by email at or you can simply call us on 01695 722 222