Scott Rees easily secures Lexcel accreditation

This article was published on: 12/7/16

As part of the lexcel quality guarantee, firms operating under their accreditation are subject to regular assessment and inspection from officials who examine every aspect of the firm to give their official verdict. We are pleased to announce that Scott Rees & Co have passed our latest inspection with fantastic results.

Meeting standards

The Lexcel inspections look at a complete picture of how a firm works to run successfully. Some attributes that are scored include:

  • Structure & Strategy
  • Financial Management
  • IT Management
  • People Management
  • Risk Management
  • Client Care

In each category overseen by the independent assessor, lexcel decide whether what is being undertaken in each category is being done so according to their good business practices guidelines or whether they need to make suggestions for improvement.

We are very pleased to say that in every area we were seen as performing very well with no immediate suggestions for improvement. Overall Scott Rees & Co is seen as having good leadership, having continual improvement in utilising IT and having excellent management of both staff and clients.

“Never stop improving”

Scott Rees & Co Marketing Partner David Byrne was pleased with the accreditation but admitted that to continue setting high standards the mantra of constant improvement needed to continue long after this inspection to keep impressing Lexcel.

When speaking about the firm he said “At Scott Rees & Co we don’t rest on our laurels, we never stop improving as doing so leads to stagnation, opening up the possibility of letting standards slip backwards.”

“In my time here we have always been on the lookout for ways to better manage IT, HR, clients and finances to create a company people want to be a part of and be part of for a long time. Long may that continue past the next assessment”

Make your claim with us

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