Scott Rees complete Wigan 10k run for the Wigan Youth Zone

Scott Rees & Co before running the Wigan 10k 2019 for the Wigan Youth Zone

Last Sunday (1st September 2019) we were fundraising for the Wigan Youth Zone by running in the Wigan 10k race. It was a 6.2 mile race through the Wigan town centre with over 3000 registered runners!

Chris Connor, the Partner who organised our participation, was joined by Scott Rees colleagues Lucie Illingworth, Emma Sharples, Paul Harrison, Gavin Morris, Claire McDonnell, Lesley Walker, Amy Tinker, Charlotte Crawshaw, Luke Pilkington and Carly Griffiths.

Chris Connor representing Scott Rees in the Wigan 10k race 2019

Immense focus by Chris Connor in the Wigan 10k race

The race

It was forecasted to rain on the day, but luckily it remained overcast and a little chilly, which was perfect for running. The sun even made an appearance towards the end of the race which was nice!

It was a successful run and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone on the team. Some have even said they would do it again!

Congratulations to the people who earned a Personal Best time in the Wigan 10k, including Chris Connor (40 minutes), Lesley Walker (1 hour), Emma Sharples, Amy Tinker and Gavin Morris!

Raising money for the Wigan Youth Zone

We were able to raise around £750 for the Wigan Youth Zone, which is absolutely fantastic! Late donations are still being accepted so if you would like to help out you can do so on this link:

The Wigan Youth Zone is a fantastic facility that provides young people with new and more opportunities in life. The Wigan Youth Zone is a hub that allows local children to meet new friends, experience new activities, learn new skills and have access to the support to achieve their potential.

Chris said: “I was delighted to be asked to support the Wigan Youth Zone by running the local 10k. What they do is absolutely incredible for Wigan and I’m over the moon that the Scott Rees & Co team was able to raise this much money and do their bit for this great cause.

It was also very rewarding to gather a group of my colleagues and form a team to run with me. They all smashed the challenge. They finished with smiles (or grimaces!) on their faces with the massive sense of achievement that only a tough run race can give.

I would like to thank everybody who came to support us during the race and the people who have given generously to the youth zone.”

Well done to everyone who took part, we’re very proud of you all!