Scott Rees & Co Make Christmas Foodbank Donation

This article was published on: 12/23/15

Scott Rees and Co has once again offered a helping hand to those less fortunate, by arranging a donation to the Skelmersdale Foodbank.

It is the second time in the space of six months that the firm has arranged a donation to the foodbank and yesterday they were able to drop off three boxes, crammed full of food that will contribute towards food parcels that will be sent out across the festive period to those people in the local area who are less fortunate.

Brenda Lowe, who is a Volunteer Coordinator at the foodbank, was on hand to receive the donation yesterday. She thanked the firm saying: “It was great for Scott Rees and Co to pop in and see us and we will be sure to make good use of the food that they have kindly donated.”

The parcels are due to be sent out over the next couple of days, to ensure that those people who are in desperate need of support and most importantly food, over Christmas, can enjoy the festive period.

Scott Rees and Co Partner, Lucie Illingworth (right in the picture), went along to the foodbank to make the donation. Upon seeing the hard working going on and dropping off the food, she said: “This really is a great initiative and we are glad to be able to help out, especially at Christmas time. Having visited the foodbank and witnessed first hand, the work that they do, a lot of credit and recognition should go to the amazing volunteers, who were running about yesterday putting together the food parcels, as well as taking donations from people and businesses within the local community.”

“Seeing how many parcels were already but together and how many toys were also collected and prepared to be donated, was heart warming and we, are proud to have been able to contribute in some way.”

The number of people becoming dependent on the Trussel Trust’s help is forever on the rise. It is the largest foodbank charity in the UK and at the time of the last donation Scott Rees and Co made, there were more than 342 adults and children receiving food donations from the Skelmersdale Foodbank alone.

This number will no doubt have increased again over the festive period, making donations and volunteers, all the more important.

If you would like to arrange a donation to the Skelmersdale Foodbank or would like to volunteer, you can do by emailing

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