Scott Rees & Co Donate to Skelmersdale Foodbank

This article was published on: 07/20/15

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Scott Rees and Co, have offered a helping hand to the local community by organising a food donation to the Skelmersdale Foodbank.

Over two weeks in July, the firm asked their employees to donate their non-perishable food to help support the local foodbank, who have had a mass increase in demand in recent months and the response has been fantastic.

The collection was suggested by the firm’s business analyst, Emma Tedford, who also helped coordinate the collection alongside the firm’s Marketing Team, Chris Parlour and Ronnie Jones.

Speaking about what gave her the idea, Emma said: “I came up with the idea to raise food for Skelmersdale foodbank while watching a homeless programme on TV.  On it there was an ex-policeman who was homeless in Manchester and it just got me thinking, you never know what’s round the corner.  It can only take a small misfortune to be on the poverty levels.”

“It gives a sense of goodness by just doing that little bit to help in the local community. It really doesn’t cost a lot for some of the basics that we take for granted.  A carton of UHT milk, a packet of dried pasta, tin of tomatoes, soup and biscuit items can cost no more than around 50p each.”

“Another good idea if people want to help their local community is to do a minimum spend of £25 online with a local supermarket or whatever you can afford and send it direct to your local foodbank as every little helps and they are so grateful for whatever they receive.”

Emma is not the only one who has come up with ways and ideas to support the foodbank. David and Bre Swift, who work as a Paralegal and an Admin Clerk with the firm, regularly volunteer at the foodbank and were praised for being ‘very supportive’ by the volunteer coordinator, Brenda Lowe.

Speaking about Scott Rees and Co’s donation, Brenda said: “Skelmersdale foodbank is part of the Trussel Trust, which is the UK’s biggest foodbank charity. More than 342 people, adults and children, have received three days emergency food from Skelmersdale foodbank since this April this year, compared to 284 in the same period last year. The number of people turning to foodbanks continues to grow.”

“We are extremely grateful to Scott Rees and Co, in particular Chris Parlour and Emma Tedford, for setting up this initiative and to their staff for their generosity. This will help greatly in meeting the constant demands for food parcels in the local area.”

Marketing Communications Executive, Chris Parlour, said: “We like to give back to the local community by supporting various organisations and charities and the foodbank is one of the more needing of support at this present time.”

“The response at the firm was fantastic and we are extremely pleased to be able to help support the foodbank, especially at a time where demand is increasing.”