Being stationary doesn’t spell innocence in a collision

This article was published on: 10/5/16

A recent dash cam video, released via YouTube, featuring a Renault driver smashing into an open Volvo car door has highlighted the risks of not checking wing mirrors when stationary and also shown that being stationary in a car doesn’t necessarily mean you are free from blame in a collision.

The incident

The video (shown above), which was taken on a road in Edinburgh, shows a Peugeot SUV run through a Volvo’s open door. Normally when a car is stationary it is only considered a hazard if it is blocking vision or parked in an obstructive way. Cars parked at the side of the road are not normally a hazard unless they protrude into the road.

In this incident however the owner of the Volvo has opened his car door without giving the SUV time or space to react. As a result the driver of the SUV unable to swerve due to traffic oncoming in the opposite lane. The result is the Volvo’s window being completely shattered, door damaged and the front of the Peugeot also taking damage.

Thankfully nobody was injured in this collision, with the two cars the only casualties. Coming away from the incident, many who viewed the video consider the Volvo driver to be incredibly lucky he didn’t exit his car a second earlier or stick his foot out of the care.  The result would have almost certainly seen the emergency services being called.

Fatality risks

If the worst had happened in the video and the passing car hit the driver, causing an injury (of any level) it could be problematic for the person who got hit to prove liability from the moving driver.

While distance and time (as well as external factors like oncoming traffic) always play a big part in establishing liability, in a situation like this where there was no time or space to react. The driver who opened the door without checking for oncoming traffic holds the blame in this particular incident. Following the incident, the Volvo driver did admit to being responsible, as he didn’t check his mirrors before opening the door. Had he done so a second earlier, he could have been serious injured or possibly killed due to a simple slip of the mind.

With time to stop dependant on the travelling speed and reactions of the driver, the door opening earlier could have given the Peugeot driver time to assess whether it was safe to move out or stop until the Volvo driver had gotten out and moved. With that not being the case, the person opening the door without checking left themselves open to danger.

Legal help

If you are injured while stationary, whether it be at traffic lights or parked at the roadside and have given time for others to react, then you can seek legal representation. Accidents involving cars hitting stationary vehicles or stationary drivers can be life changing (if not life threatening).

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