Rear end shunt victim wins case against inconsiderate driver

A driver who was hurt when an inconsiderate driver smashed into the back of his car has been awarded over £2,000 in damages.

The claimant, who wishes to remain anonymous, overcame the third party insurers easily to receive the rightful compensation for his injuries and damages to his vehicle.

Failing to stop

The incident in question happened at a set of traffic lights. The client and other drivers in front were queuing waiting for the green light. Everybody was stationary with no reason to expect a collision.

It was then that the third party drove behind the client, failing to pay attention, causing the rear end shunt to occur. The shunt was hard enough to push the claimant’s car forward into the car in front and the client felt the impact immediately. The resulting damage included:

  • The client suffering spine damage
  • The client injuring his shoulder
  • A dent in the car bumper
  • The boot not opening or closing

Claiming for injury

The client chose Scott Rees & Co to act for him following the incident. Given the simplicity of the case he did not have to worry about fighting hard to claim his rightful compensation. After fully explaining the situation the third party admitted full liability.

From there, the client got treatment for their injuries without financial pressure. We were able to refer the claimant to a specialist in order to assess his injuries and get the correct treatment.  It was deemed he had suffered minor shoulder and spinal injuries requiring a short course of physiotherapy. We were also able to arrange a full evaluation of the damage to their car and arrange the repair.

His settlement of £2,060 was enough to cover his rehabilitation from injury and the damage to his car. He was very pleased with the result of his case, enough that he wrote an excellent review, regarding Scott Rees as:

“First class. They kept me fully informed of what was happening and they have been on hand to answer any queries I had. This is business that does what it says it will do. I would have no hesitation in using their services again and/or recommending them to others.”

Can we help you?

If you have been involved in a car accident, suffering injury just as this client has, we can help you. Scott Rees & Co has been helping people like you for over 25 years. We specialise in all types of personal injury from soft tissue claims to serious injuries.

We offer a no win no fee service. This allows the risk to be taken away from anybody wishing to start a claim. If you, or anybody you know would like free, impartial advice on how to pursue a claim, speak to our experts by calling 01695 722 222.

Alternatively you can also get in touch online. If you fill out our claim form detailing your injury we can then review and advise on your best course of action.


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