Real life experiences underpin safety campaign

This article was published on: 11/7/16

“Safe Drive, Stay Alive” is a touring campaign utilising expertise from all three emergency services, with the aim to educate young people on the risks they take when driving without due care and attention. The current tour (which recently stopped off in Sussex) brought in families and victims of careless drivers to share their own experiences and further press home why driving safe matters.

Victims speak out

“Safe drive, stay alive” has been running strong for 11 years, delivering talks to over 300,000 people since is inception in 2006 run in association with Thames Valley and Hampshire emergency services. The tour travels around various areas of the country giving personal accounts to give a hard hitting yet relevant message to pre drivers and first time drivers at a young age.

The most recent tour saw a group of mothers affected by road traffic accidents tell teenagers from Sussex their experiences following deaths of their sons as well as victims who are currently dealing with lifetime scars and damage due to careless drivers.

One mother, Ms Georgina Day, recalled her two sons’ car accidents which took both their lives tragically in 1999 and 2000, saying “It sounds like a long time ago but to me it feels like yesterday. My sons were both careful drivers and their lives were taken away by irresponsible racers.”

Accident victim, Spencer Aston, also spoke of his ordeal when he suffered brain damage in a collision in which he was a 15 year old passenger. “I want to give people the opportunity to appreciate their lives. Whilst I was lying in hospital, I thought to myself ‘I don’t want anyone else to have to go through what I went through’.”

“My life would be very different now if it hadn’t have happened. I do these talks so that people can think about their life choices. We can’t just reset life and start again.”

Life-changing consequences

All forms of driving offences, from being distracted, to reckless driving, can carry a heavy penalty for everybody involved in an incident. Collisions can cause serious injury and deaths that can rock families and devastate lives.

The families of the victims and the victims themselves that spoke at the event, told of the difficulties they face in life. Those who had lost family have to live with the grief of knowing their family member had been taken from them without warning and those injured had to vastly adjust their life just to accommodate the problems their injuries brought. All of the suffering had been brought on by a single instance of carelessness which carried a lifetime of regret.

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