The price of one punch

This article was published on: 10/25/16

One punch assault injuries and deaths are unfortunately becoming much more common. You will likely have seen one of the spate of news articles and even videos of attacks that have left victims on the street sustaining serious injuries. We look at how a single punch can cause such devastating criminal damage to a person?

Criminal injuries

Regardless of the situation that takes place before a one punch assault, the end result is classed as a criminal assault and the consequences can be very severe for the person who deals the damage. Even defending yourself can be called into scrutiny based on the facts surrounding the attack.

“Reasonable force” is often left to the discretion of the jury. When it comes to sneak attacks and sucker punches though the likelihood is that an attack from behind would be deemed excessive.

These attacks vary, from sucker punch attacks, to simply throwing the first punch after an argument. There are mandatory sentences for those who have committed manslaughter but it seems judges are “resisting” sentencing offenders to these, often giving jail terms of around 4 years.

Lives taken

Criminal injury cases often require a lot of hard work to resolve, as the damage can be particularly extreme depending on the situation. In some cases one punch can prove fatal, either from the impact or the impact of the ground the victim strikes.

Single punch assaults can lead to a number of serious injuries, notably brain damage, including traumatic brain damage, internal bleeding and severe whiplash, all injuries that can either require a lifetime of recovery and aftercare or in the worst cases, cases be a cause of death.

Commonly a single punch assault ends up being more severe than the attacker intends, with many showing remorse and regret for the injuries caused. Despite being remorseful, the attackers have still acted and caused the damage. Leading organisation “One Punch Can Kill” looks to spread the message “be the hero and walk away”. This attitude towards disagreements in the street could easily save a life or at the very minimum not ruin the lives of others by remaining calm and not lashing out.

Legal help

In one punch assault cases, representation may sometimes need to be sought by the family of the victim depending on severity. We have dealt with numerous assault cases in the past and have regular contact with the Ministry of Justice to speak on behalf of injured clients.

Assault cases can often require us to utilise a team of experts who can help plan the process following an injury. In extreme cases this can mean helping the family of the victim however necessary. In a case of a serious injury, such as a brain injury, it can include further medical examination, psychological and emotional support, as well as financial planning for future care costs and possible alterations to lifestyle and living conditions.

If a family member, friend or yourself have been affected by an assault, why not get in touch and speak to one of our expert advisers. We will assess your situation and offer free, conscientious advice. All you need to do is give us a call on 01695 722 222 (our lines are open weekdays from 9am to 7pm).

Alternatively, you can get in touch via our website form. Simply fill in with details of the incident and one of our team can assess and offer advice on proceeding. We have years of experience of dealing with criminal injury claims and understand the severity the damage can cause and the sensitive nature in which the case must be handled. We strive to make the lives of assault victims and their families better following an incident and will do our best to fulfil that ambition.

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