Legal pressure prompts SRA “cold calling” u-turn

This article was published on: 09/21/16

Pressure from the legal community just days after spotting the removal of “rule 7” in the SRA handbook, has prompted a complete U-turn and left them to assure the UK that the cold calling ban WILL remain in the final version of the new handbook.


The SRA is currently in the process of shortening its rulebook. In doing so it was noticed by many solicitors (and the association of personal injury lawyers; APIL) that the rule had been omitted entirely in a very recent draft.

The draft prompted a swift response from solicitors who were very concerned about the possible implications of a full removal of the rule which defines what cold calling is.

Originally, the rule stated that “unsolicited visits” were not allowed was open to interpretation. That interpretation did not necessarily forbid cold calling. In 2009 the rule was changed to the above interpretation which ensured cold calls were included in defining what “unsolicited visits” meant.

The rule change didn’t wipe out all cold calls but played a major role in vastly reducing the number. Leaving any companies that did cold call potential clients to be reprimanded to the full extent of the law.

Creating groundswell

Solicitors were quick to react to the omission and banded together to ensure the SRA knew of this disapproval of the possibility of the rule being omitted. Consequences of a removal would be the work already done to quash underhanded, illegitimate claim firms being completely undone in one swoop.

A large majority of firms who signed the ethical marketing charter (Along with a healthy proportion of smaller firms not on the charter) made it clear cold calling had no place in the legal industry and the rule should indeed remain, ensuring safe, ethical business across the UK.

Thankfully for both solicitors and injury victims, the SRA listened to the pleas and within days of the draft being scrutinised they agreed, letting the legal community know that it will be included in the next draft and will continue to have a place in the handbook regardless of it being slimmed down.

Always go inbound

When it comes to claiming injury compensation following an accident, at work, out and about or on the road, it is always safer to trust legitimate companies by calling them rather than a company calling you.

Ethical law firms will rely on their own expertise, advertising and word of mouth to ensure claims are coming in and it is this practice that lets you know that they haven’t used underhanded tactics to get hold of your details.

Scott Rees & Co for example have been operating from our home in Skelmersdale, Lancashire for over 24 years, serving our clients from across England and Wales. We are part of the ethical marketing charter and only take business in an “inbound” capacity to give our clients peace of mind.

If you’d like to get in touch regarding an injury to yourself, a friend or family member, you can call one of our dedicated, expert team for free, impartial advice on 01695 722 222 (lines open weekdays from 9am to 7pm) or by beginning a claim immediately using our online claim form.

We operate using our ‘no win no fee’ policy which ensures you will not pay a penny if your claim is unsuccessful so call today to see how we can help you gain a measure of justice for your injuries.

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