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Loss Of Sight Claims

Losing your sight or having your vision impaired because of an accident is a life changing event for you, your friends and your family. Your life will be going through some extreme changes. Scott Rees & Co can help you with these changes and get the compensation you deserve if the accident was not your fault. There’s no need to go through this alone, give us a call today and let us help you.

Compensation for loss of sight and blindness

Eye damage, loss of sight or blindness can be life changing. Many adaptations both physically and mentally are needed to cope with the effects of damaged eyesight whether it is only partial loss of sight or complete blindness.

There are many different ways that you can suffer loss of sight or complete blindness. Some of the most common circumstances that we have dealt with here at Scott Rees include coming into contact with chemicals, sharp objects, bright lights, dust, grit and other particles.

Common ways of these occurring include accidents, poorly managed hygiene within the workplace or in public places.

Dealing with loss of sight can be difficult for all involved as you may need to make adaptations around the house, deal with the psychological effects and even cover costs for essential things such as a guide dog and braille. All of which can put pressure on your finances.

Contacting us about your accident and making a claim can take the pressure off yourself, your friends and your family by helping you make the changes, adapt to the new lifestyle and perhaps most importantly; be able to afford to make all these changes. Losing your sight is a serious injury with serious consequences which is why it’s always best to get in touch with experienced professionals such as us to take the weight off your shoulders.

What’s involved in the claim?

Any claim will start with an investigation into what happened, what were the consequences, the extent of the injuries, the person on organisation liable and what changes need to be made as a result. Because of so many variables a claim on loss of sight and blindness can take time and get quite complicated. This is why selecting professionals such as Scott Rees & Co is essential. When we take on the claim that’s when things get uncomplicated – using the experience we have and the access to the latest medical advancements we make sure that your life is kept as consistent and without stress as possible. We make sure your needs are the main focus.

How can we help you to move on with your life

In the unfortunate even of blindness or severe visual impairment there’s a lot we can do to help you to improve your quality of life and for you to live as normal of a life as possible. First of all we work closely with you, your family and loved ones and find out what changes have to be made and how comfortable you are with the transition, we use support groups and trusted partners to get the changes happening as soon as possible.

In most cases of serious visual impairment we can get financial aid to help you with affording the changes even before the case has been settled, serious injury cases can take a long time to process and complete due to the large sums of money that’s usually involved however we may be able to release some of it to help with your immediate requirements.

Financial Losses

Losing your sight or having it impaired will inevitably lead to financial losses, particularly if you previously worked and the use of sight was needed – which in this modern age is 99% of the time. Scott Rees & Co will take into account how your finances were currently being earned and the future losses you will suffer as a consequence of the accident. We feel that losing out financially because of an accident is unacceptable and the losses suffered as a result of eyesight accidents can spiral out of control; we make sure to safeguard your financial future.


Educating yourself and those around you to deal with the new changes is one of the most important steps. We can get care workers and support groups to help everyone involved to be as comfortable as possible with the changes that need to be made and how to deal with the various new challenges you will face.

Guide Dogs

We have worked with Guide Dogs for a long time with our previous visual impairment clients and we can honestly say they are not only an immensely helpful aid for navigation but they also provide companionship during these turbulent times.

Housing Adaptions

Housing adaptions are almost a certainty with visual impairment cases and we work closely to make sure we can get them to you as soon as possible. Housing adaptions are necessary for you to be able to live as independently as possible safely. Scott Rees & Co will make sure if you’ve been affected by visual impairment that your needs are met above all else as you adapt to the new changes.

Emotional Support

Losing your sight or having it impaired can be a great shock to the system for anyone. We make sure that your needs are met and your concerns discussed right from day one. We’ll make sure to give you the best support available to help you transition through this difficult time through support groups, care workers and a solid support structure centered around you.

How to start your claim

If your loss of sight or blindness was caused by the negligent act of another, or by an accident that wasn’t your fault then you could claim for compensation that will help to cover the cost of these adaptations.  Our catastrophic injury department have experience dealing with these types of claims and will offer you help and support throughout to ensure you can deal with the changes you may have to make and move forward with your life.

We completely understand if you’re reading this on behalf of the victim and are unsure what to do next. You can give us a call and we can give you free, no obligation advice on your options and the services we can offer. Alternatively you can start your claim by submitting the claim form near the top and we will get back to you.

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