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Amputation Claims

At Scott Rees & Co we specialise in amputation claims and will strive to help you get the compensation you need and deserve. If your compensation was caused by someone else’s negligence whether it was a surgery gone wrong or an accident in work, it is only right that you are compensated for your injury.

Understandably the period of time after suffering an amputation injury can be tough and claiming for compensation is probably the last thing that you or your loved ones want to think about.

Amputation Claims With Scott Rees & Co

When it comes to suffering an injury as a result of an accident, it doesn’t get more traumatising than amputation and the after-effects from such an injury can be devastating. Undoubtedly changing a victim’s life. Adjusting to life after you have suffered this type of injury can be extremely difficult and the rehabilitation process can carry a lot of stress for both the victim and their loved ones as they come to terms and adapt to the changes an amputation causes. Common causes of amputation include:

  • Road traffic accidents
  • Industrial accidents
  • Work accidents
  • Clinical negligence cases
  • Serious infections
  • Cancers
  • Diabetes

An amputation injury can be caused by an accident using machinery at work or as a result of a bad road traffic accident. Some other common accidents that cause this sort of injury involve explosions and trapped limbs in doorways or other small spaces. However the injury has occurred we appreciate that the result is devastating, even more so if it leads to the loss of main limbs such as arms and/or legs, and we want to help you with your recovery. We have dealt with many amputation claims in our long history and with our specialist knowledge, strive to help you get the compensation you need and deserve.

What we can do for you

Our amputation claims specialists have helped numerous amputees over the years and therefore we understand how difficult it is for them, and their loved ones, to come to terms with the life changing impact of an injury like this. We have access to some of the best medical experts in the country, who specialise in providing the care and attention an amputation requires.

After suffering an injury of this magnitude, the victim will need rehabilitation and in most cases they will need to learn how to use different limbs in different ways, in order to adapt to the changes brought on by their injury. We promise to help with your rehabilitation and to manage any adaptations and special equipment you may need around your home, to give you the best chance of getting your life back on track.

Our amputations claim specialists also understand the strain an injury of this nature can have mentally on a victim, their family and loved ones, which is why we offer support and access to the best counselling to ensure no one is left to deal with these changes alone.

Long term damage

It’s not unusual for an amputee to be forced to leave their job depending on the physical strain required, or adapt their role to allow them to continue. Thankfully in the UK those suffering from an amputation are currently entitled to disability benefits in some capacity; however, this is unlikely to match potential earnings an amputee could have with a long, prosperous career.

The cost of life could increase with an amputation as alterations to housing could have to be made or equipment purchased to make life easier. In Leah’s case she may require a prosthetic or a wheelchair when out of the house to assist with movement. This also is a common long term after effect of an amputation.

Compensation to get you what you need

We know how important and helpful compensation for an amputee is. It can help towards covering the cost of future medical bills, replacement prosthetic limbs, special equipment to help you move about easier, home adaptations, as well as the likely loss of earnings which follows an injury of this severity.

If you or a loved one were to suffer an accident resulting in amputation, you or they would almost certainly need to alter your lifestyle and living conditions in some form. If the amputation was caused as a result of somebody else’s negligence, then there would be scope to be able to recoup the damage caused and allow you or your loved one to secure themselves financially following the injury. While full recovery will never be a possibility, the financial burden of requiring lifestyle changes due to somebody else’s fault can be eased.

Nobody should be left to carry the burden for the cost of an amputation caused by another (mentally as well as financially). Our amputation claims specialists can offer you all the help and support you need to mount your claim, as well as make arrangements regarding the adaptations that may be needed for your home and any equipment you may require. Our amputation claims specialists can offer you all the help and support you need to mount your claim, as well as make arrangements regarding the adaptations that may be needed for your home and any equipment you may require.

So if you or a member of the family has suffered an amputation as a result of somebody else’s negligence and you want to find out more information about whether you can claim for compensation or to simply start your claim, fill in our claim form at the top of the page or call us for free on mobile or landline.

Why should I choose Scott Rees?

For us, the victim’s recovery and treatment is our priority and we are committed to helping as much as we can when it comes to supporting this. We know that an amputation will take much more than a simple monetary reward following an accident. The injury will require consistent attention during the early recovery stages, taking time to heal and for the sufferer to adapt. The family may also need to be a part of the claim if the injury particularly affects them negatively, causing emotional distress over the large changes made to the person they knew.

When choosing Scott Rees you will be assigned an amputation injury lawyer who is committed to securing the best possible result for your amputation compensation claim and best of all they will handle the whole process, allowing you or your loved ones to focus on making a recovery.

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