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cycling accident

Cycling Accident Claims

What is a cycling accident?

A cycling accident is an accident involving at least one cyclist on the road. The most common cycling accidents are due to driver negligence. Drivers can sometimes lose their concentration and fail to look at their mirrors before changing lanes or when turning into side roads.

Common cycling accidents include:

  • Cyclists being collided into by cars, buses, lorries and bikes
  • Cyclists falling or colliding with another vehicle after swerving road obstructions that shouldn’t be there
  • Cyclists injured from losing control of their bikes from going over pot holes
  • Cyclists being knocked off their bicycle by a dog or another out-of-control animal

What should you do after a cycling accident?

If the accident appears minor and you’re in a movable condition, then move your bike off the road and call the police. For serious accidents you should leave your bike as it is and call 999 for an ambulance and the police. All road traffic accidents no matter how minor should be reported immediately to the police or within 24 hours of the accident happening.

You should exchange your contact details with whoever was involved in the accident, including any witnesses present. This will allow your insurers to contact the relevant people and their insurers about the crash and for liability purposes. The contact details for witnesses allow your solicitors to gather different viewpoints and accounts of what actually happened when you are making a compensation claim.

If possible you should also take photos of the damage to the bike, any injuries suffered, the offending vehicles with their registration plates and the scene where it happened. The more photographic evidence you can provide your insurers and solicitors for your claim, the better as they can use this information towards building your case.

Why should you claim for a cycling accident?

The more serious your injury, the longer you need to rest and recover. This can affect your work earnings and even your job security in the cases of amputation or paralysis. If the accident wasn’t your fault, then you should claim for compensation to recover all the damages and expenses you have suffered, or may require in the future.

Limitation period for cycling accident claims

A limitation period is the maximum time allowed to bring a claim to the courts after an event has occurred. The limitation period for a cyclist injury claim is 3 years. The limitation period for children compensation claims for a cycling accident ends as soon as they turn 21 years old.

Do you have a valid claim?

All road accidents should be reported to the police within 24 hours of it occurring. Failure to report the incident to the police could possibly invalidate your compensation claim; particularly so for hit and run claims.

Provoking other drivers, cyclists, pedestrians or animals into attacking or colliding with you may also invalidate your claim or reduce your entitlement. Cycling accident claims are only valid when the accident is not wholly your fault.

We highly advise that should you wish to bring a claim, you should do so as soon as possible. If you are unsure about whether you may have a valid cyclist claim, then why not contact us? Contacting us is free due to our no win no fee policy. Scott Rees are one of the leading solicitors firms in the UK on road traffic accidents and we will be more than happy to discuss with you on your compensation claim.

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