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Product Liability Claims

Product liability is primarily injuries caused by faulty or defective products. A product which has been purchased fairly recently, had no clear sign of defect and has been used sensibly. Scott Rees & Co are solicitors based in Haydock in St. Helens but cover the UK. We can help you claim compensation if you, or someone you know has been hurt by a defective product.

Protecting consumers from defective/faulty/dangerous products

The Consumer Protection Act aims to protect consumers from damage caused by defective products. The act covers a whole range of product types including toys, food, containers, vehicles and protects whether the damage was direct or indirect. You, the consumer, have a right to claim if you’ve suffered injury at the hands of a faulty product.

Am I covered by the Consumer Protection Act?

When you make a purchase for a product both yourself and the seller are making a contract that:

  • The product is fully functioning
  • The product is safe to use unless specified clearly
  • The product is as described
  • Fit for purpose

Product liability is a complex situation; however, if all those conditions are met there shouldn’t be a problem, when they aren’t then you have one. If a product has been sold to you with a fault and a defect that has caused injury, damage or even worse then this is where Scott Rees & Co can help.

Do I have a Product Liability Claim?

If you’ve been sold a product that was faulty or defective from a reputable seller, that it is definitely a good place to start. Did you make sure to keep a receipt to prove that the purchase was made by yourself? These are the types of information we will require.

There are more obvious points to consider too, such as: was the product used as according to the manual? Was the product kept in a safe environment i.e away from high/low temperatures? Ask yourself: did I see this coming?

If you have done nothing unnatural and the product has caused an injury then that is the time to call Scott Rees & Co.

If your child has been injured by a faulty product see here.

Scott Rees & Co – Experts in product liability claims

With over 20 years of experience Scott Rees & Co is the best option to get the compensation you deserve following a faulty product claim. As a consumer being given a faulty and dangerous product is not acceptable and any injury or damage caused should not happen. Don’t suffer in silence and accept it, call Scott Rees & Co and let us help you win your battle. Our experienced advisers are more than happy to help you out. Alternatively you can use the claim form on the right hand side.

Scott Rees & Co – product liability specialists

Here at Scott Rees we have over 20 years of experience helping clients get justice for their accidents or injuries. If you have a product liability claim and you want to make sure you use the best then your search is over. Resolving cases. It’s what we do.

Product Liability Claims Case Studies

2012 – Injured by an unsafe bicycle – £7,500

Client was riding along the road, when suddenly, the handle bars of the bike moved sharply to the right while they were trying to ride straight. The handle bars then came out of their setting and swung completely to the right, causing the client to fall sideways to the left, and land on the left side of their body, and banging the left side of their face on the ground.

Immediately after the accident, the client began experiencing a sharp severe pain in the left side of the torso and rib area. The client also noticed a laceration on the forehead that was bleeding heavily. Clients brother helped him up from the ground and looked at the bike to see what had happened. He stated that the handlebars were extremely loose, and they should be very tight. The client’s brother managed to tighten the handlebars a little, and then he helped them to walk home.

In the hours that followed the accident, the pain in his rib and chest area became severe. He found it difficult to move around without suffering pain, so he decided to seek medical attention.
We successfully defended the client and were awarded £7,500 compensation and damages from the manufacturer.

2009 – Stone left in a salad purchased from a supermarket – £5,000

Client bit into a salad purchased from a supermarket with a stone left which lead to severe tooth injury and root canal. The supermarket initially offered £1,000 however this was nowhere near enough to cover the damages as a result of the incident. We successfully defended the client and were awarded £5,000 compensation.

2011 – Solid object inside of ice cream leading to tooth damage – £1,700

Client lost three quarters of a tooth having bitten into a solid object inside an ice cream. We successfully defended the client and were awarded £1,700 compensation to cover the pain and repair work needed.

2012 – Client cut finger on broken fish tank – £1,240

A display fish tank in a well known home product store had a hidden defect (smashed glass) which client unknowingly went to touch which lead to slicing a finger. We successfully defended the client and were awarded £1,240 compensation.

2011 – Client caught ankle under electric wheelchair – £3,500

Our client was due for an appointment and was leaving her house with her husband. She is wheelchair bound and uses an electric wheelchair to get around. On the ramp outside her front door the wheelchair cut out and came to a quick halt, jerking the client forward and catching her ankle under the chair. She was able to reverse the chair to avoid the ankle being trapped for too long.

The client experienced harsh pain as a result of the chair going over her ankle. She suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and is at risk of breaking bones much easier than a regular member of the public due to the nature of the disease. She attended her appointment which was with the company that provides the wheelchairs who did not log the accident or make a report. They also stated they only had funding for the particular type of chair she was using rather than any other model; unfortunately for the client however she had already had 4-5 other similar incidents of the chair cutting out. In all of the other incidents the company providing the chair simply tried to fix the chair rather than replace it.

After the appointment she was given a manual chair and told they would try and find a different electric chair for her. She then was taken to hospital where it was found the accident had resulted in her foot being broken. After being bandaged up she was told to rest the foot and keep it elevated for a few weeks alongside taking painkillers.

Scott Rees were very surprised to hear the blasé attitude towards the product supplied to the claimant in this case and were more than happy to help step in and rectify the issue. The client had been served continually faulty products which were a danger and eventually led to the injury before any action was taken. Scott Rees were able to offer fast track medical care to help the client overcome her injury as well as secure a new chair and £3,500 in damages before the claim went to court.

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