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Accidents Abroad Claims

Here at Scott Rees we specialise in dealing with claims for accidents abroad and will strive to ensure you get the compensation you deserve for your injury.More and more people, either through work or on holiday, are taking their vehicles abroad when they travel to Europe. With an increasing amount of traffic on European roads, this increases the amount of accidents abroad each year. Before 2003 if you were involved in an accident on a European road that wasn’t your fault, it was often near impossible to make a claim.

Now, thanks to the European Union’s 4th and 5th Motor Insurance Directives, it is a lot easier to pursue compensation for a road traffic accident in the EU. This is because all insured cars are registered on a shared database, so if the injured party has the registration plate of the vehicle at fault, they can trace the details of their insurance company and pursue the case from the UK, without the need for a foreign lawyer. We can also cover you for personal injury accidents abroad that include slips/trips and bacterial diseases (food positioning).

Types of accidents that can happen abroad

The last thing you want to think about is an accident happening when your enjoying your annual family holiday. But accidents can happen when you least expect it. Here is a list of the most common accidents that occur:
Broken bones

– Slip, trips and falls
– Cuts, burns and bruises
– Road traffic accident
– Coach accident
– Food poisoning
– Medical negligence

The list of scenarios above are stressful enough when they happen in the UK, but when they happen abroad in a country you don’t know this can be scary prospect. It can also be costly if you don’t have the correct travel insurance put into place. As research suggests that 20% of British people don’t buy travel insurance.

Illness when abroad

Accidents can occur due to a number of factors. It may be due to the negligence of the hotel your staying at, the hire care you got having a mechanical fault, or gaining food poisoning . The causes can vary and may include bacterial illness such as:

– E-Coli
– Botulism
– Salmonella
– Campylobacter

If travelling to a country susceptible to certain diseases you may also be subject to conditions such as:

– Cholera
– Tuberculosis
– Typhoid
– Hepatitis A and B

These conditions would occur in very rare cases but water spread diseases such as Cholera could be caused by hotels not washing or preparing food in clean water, or not washing your hands after using a public toilet. These conditions would be seen mostly in countries outside the EU, but Hepatitis A and B can be caught in the UK and EU.

How an injury can affect you health and well being

Suffering a injury big or small can affect you and your loved ones mentally and physically. We also know that suffering an accident whilst away from home can be frightening and can sometimes cost thousands. Even though most people have travel insurance, most won’t cover accident personal injury claims. This is a factor most don’t look into when obtaining insurance. So even though an injury treatment cost may be covered by the insurance, this would not give you the justice or compensation that your owed for the accident that wasn’t your fault.

We know that suffering a serious injury could stop you from working and mean loss of earnings. Having prolonged time off work can cause problems such as redundancies and bills not being paid. But if we have a case with you we can in some cases provide interim payments to help you cover the costs of bills and care costs, so you have one less thing to worry about.

How we can help your recovery

Here at Scott Rees & Co we have over 20 years experience in personal injury and have some of the best solicitors in the UK. We can advise you on the best doctors, surgeons and physiotherapists available. This allows you to receive the best treatment possible to help you get back to full health. When you are in a foreign country and you’ve spent money on health care we can reimburse this money back to you upon your return to the UK. After this has been done we can then process your claim and get the justice you deserve. In some cases clients just want an apology and others may want compensation. Either way we will try are all to help you in any way possible.

How to make a claim

If you feel you could be entitled to a claim and wish to speak with one of our specialist advisors for accidents abroad, fill in our quick and easy contact form or call us on 0800 61 43 61. Our team of solicitors have experience with claims for accidents abroad and can help you get the compensation you need and deserve if you have been the victim of an accident abroad that wasn’t your fault. All our advisors and solicitors work on a no win no fee policy. This means that if providing all evidence and information you give is honest you will not pay a penny if your case is unsuccessful.

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