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Workplace Injury Claims

What is a workplace accident?

A workplace accident involved being injured in accident at your work’s premises or whilst conducting work for your employer. One of the stipulations of being a responsible employer is to make sure the workplace is a safe place and that protocols are in place to ensure the staff are safe from harm.

Sadly, this is not always the case and some employers treat health and safety regulations with contempt and do not take the necessary steps to make sure the workplace is an accident free zone. Some of the measures that should be take is to ensure there are no trip hazards such as loose cables, making sure that wet surfaces have the appropriate signage (and cleaned up as soon as possible), making sure all tools, machines and equipment has passed a safety check and is fit for purpose.

Not keeping up with health and safety can lead to workplace accidents such as slips and trips, injury from machinery and various fractures. Your employers should always have insurance in place and it is them that the claim is made against.

Worried about making a claim against your employer?

Don’t be. Employers always have insurance in case a workplace accident happens, your employer would expect you to make a claim.

If you’re worried about possible disciplinary action or being bullied then this is illegal and constitutes as unfair dismissal if it gets to that stage. Don’t let your worries about the subject get in the way of getting the compensation and justice you deserve. If the workplace accident was not your fault then you have nothing to worry about but a lot to gain.

All your communications initially are confidential, so if you think you have a claim but want to know more before doing anything then speak with one of our advisors today to put your mind at rest.

Why should I make a workplace accident claim?

Many people are deterred from making workplace accident claims against their employer as they fear that it will be held against them or will create animosity.

But what if the accident causes you to need time off work, or long term rehabilitation? You shouldn’t have to cover the cost of an accident that wasn’t your fault and if it is down to the negligence of your employer then it is only fair that they compensate you for your injuries.

Common reasons for workplace accidents include faulty machinery or equipment, poor or inadequate training or failure to provide the correct precautionary measures when operating machinery or equipment, all of which are the responsibility of your employer.  They are also at fault if the workplace is not kept in a safe or tidy condition, which means that doorways should not be obstructed, any corridors should be free from hazards and workstations should be suitable.

We have expertise in dealing with workplace accident claims and will assist you with your claim from start to finish. We will help you through the whole process from compiling the evidence needed to start proceedings against your employer to instructing the legal proceedings that follow.

So if you have suffered an injury as a result of an accident in the workplace caused by the negligence of your employer, why not speak to one of our workplace accident claims specialists today by either filling out the claim form or calling us.

If you’re worried about the security of your job if you were to make a claim then visit the knowledge centre here.

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