New printers and scanners

This article was published on: 09/19/17

New printer and scanner at Scott Rees & Co

Last month, Scott Rees & Co solicitors purchased some industry standard printers, scanners and franking machines from Pitney Bowes.

These machines use some of the latest printing and sorting technology available and have a very high production service and purpose.

We have a letter opener machine that opens all letters at lightning speeds, which then transfers the letters to a scanner where the computer will automatically scan the letters and deliver the content to the relevant people and departments.

When it comes to printing, the printer can process as much as 150,000 items every month at a speed of around 4,000 letters per hour! Again, we have a very smart computer that can analyse all the work that needs printing and prioritises what needs printing urgently and what can be held off for later. Although at the speed it prints at we won’t have to wait very long!

The printers can also be programmed to seal the printed letters into envelopes ready to be delivered. Technology… it’s a wonderful thing isn’t it?!

The intelligence of the sorting computer will mean there’ll be less disruptions to the service that we provide our clients. No more letters getting lost. No more letters failing to print. Everything will be smooth sailing and much faster! In some situations, it can speed up our workload at least two to three-fold! This can only mean that we get our work (and your claim) done much faster!