Avoid potential new fines – Steer clear of pavements

This article was published on: 05/22/17

Parking on the pavement; a polarizing topic. Whether you prefer to mount the cub or not, you may soon need to avoid doing so to avoid fines. Some councils are currently looking to target street parking hotspots in which drivers park regularly on the pavement. It is however for good reasons, addressing a number of safety concerns.

New fines

Some councils are now seeking permission to enforce poor parking penalties. This would take responsibility from the police and allow attendants to administer fines. The fines would be for cars illegally parked on pavements obstructing the path.

While currently parking fines can be enforced in restricted zones, unmarked zones have no such protection. This includes residential streets and busy public areas. Because of this, many drivers may opt to obstruct the pavement partially or in outstanding cases park completely on the pavement (below).

Reducing Risk

Many may think parking on the pavement, even partially, isn’t such a terrible decision. The reality however is doing so can cause much greater risk than parking completely on the road. Cars can manoeuvre and wait accordingly on a busy road with parked cars. If a pavement is obstructed however, things can get dangerous for pedestrians.

The single biggest risk is for the blind. A guide dog will have to take their owner around a parked car if the pavement is obstructed. Already this poses a substantial threat to both man and animal, both being exposed by being on the road.

This same threat is just as dangerous for young children. If the pavement is obstructed they too may have to venture out into the road. Even if the pavement does have a small pathway, it is unfair to force pedestrians to squeeze through what remains of their walkway.

In 2015, over 400 pedestrians were killed in road accidents in the UK. Ensuring a safe walkway at the side of the road will go a long way to keeping that statistic to a minimum!

Looking after you long term

If you are injured as a pedestrian because of another driver, whether a poorly parked car holds partial responsibility or not, you have help available. Scott Rees & Co has been helping clients in road accidents for 25 years.

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