Why Vulnerable Motorcycle Accident Victims Should Claim

This article was published on: 03/3/15

Motorcycle parked on road

There’s no doubt that when it comes to road traffic accidents, those involving motorcycles will frequently be the worst when it comes to the injury suffered.

Motorcyclists are among the group of road users considered to be the most vulnerable, along with pedestrians and cyclists, largely down to the exposure the motorcyclist when it comes to protection.

Obviously they should be wearing helmets, which will increase the protection from serious head injury, should they come off their cycle. Invariably though, if a motorcyclist is involved in an accident the likelihood of broken or fractured bones or other such serious conditions tends to be higher than for those road users driving a car.

It’s no coincidence that the fatality rate for motorcyclists is higher than for other road users. Currently motorcyclists are deemed to be roughly 38 times more likely to be killed in an RTA, than other road users, per mile ridden.

In 2013 alone, 331 motorcyclists were killed a result of an accident on the road, with a further 4,866 riders seriously injured. Remarkably these figures represent a decrease from previous years, although the risk is inherently still high.

Nobody should ever suffer the aftermath of an accident, regardless of how they use the road. However, providing you’ve followed the safety guidelines set out on the THINK website, you should remain safe.

Unfortunately your safety on the roads as a motorcyclist is not always in your own hands and this sort of accident can have devastating and life changing effects on the person involved in the accident and their loved ones.

That is why, in this instance, claiming compensation could be vitally important. Many people have been put off submitting a claim for compensation, either down to the fact that they have been made to believe it’s immoral or frowned upon, or they have been made to feel that it might be too complicated and distracting from their focus on the recovery process.

That’s why it’s s good idea to seek legal advice from a qualified solicitor. The victim of an accident should never feel ashamed to claim for compensation and it certainly isn’t immoral. Ask yourself this, how morally right is it that another person’s negligence should cause you and your family to struggle financially to cover your household bills and your recovery and rehabilitation?

It’s only right that the person who is negligent should compensate victim and be held accountable for their actions. Compensation can cover the cost of medical treatment you may require, which in the case of a motorcycle accident can often be extensive and long-lasting. It can also pay for adjustments or amendments that could be needed around the house, upon the victim returning home.

The psychological effects of a serious accident can often forgotten and compensation can also be used to ensure that the victim and their family have all the support they need to assist them through this tough time.

As well as this, if the person who suffered the injury is one of the major income earners in your household, motorcycle accident compensation can fill the void if they’re left unable to work as a result of their injuries, meaning concerns over whether the recovery process is being neglected, can be allayed, as all of this will be taken care of by the legal team that you’ve decided to instruct to represent you.

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