Mark Reaches 10 Years!

Mark Hardman reaches 10 years at Scott Rees & Co

Last month another Scott Rees employee reached the ‘10 years of excellent service’ milestone! Congratulations to Mark Hardman of the IT support team who joined Scott Rees & Co in September 2007.

Over the years Mark has worked diligently and provided IT support to everyone in the firm. There is unlikely to be anyone in the firm that he hasn’t yet helped with their IT troubles!

From setting up computers to getting our network and systems working; his outstanding contribution to IT support has earned him the respect of everyone.

Mark was awarded £250 vouchers as part of the Long Service Award from Scott Rees & Co.

After working here for so long, it’s no wonder he has sometimes referred to Scott Rees & Co as a second family.

We would like to thank Mark Hardman for his work and look forward to his continued service for many more years to come!