Legal industry receives boost from University of Law

This article was published on: 08/15/13

Graduating students celebrating their success

There is encouraging news for the legal industry when it comes to the future of legal services, as the University of Law revealed there has been an increase in applications for their LLB Law Degree by 60%.

It is news that will be greeted by those involved in the legal industry as it displays a further sense of resilience considering there has been so much wide-scale reform across the legal sector.

The University’s professor, Nigel Savage was quick to use the growing popularity of what the course offers saying: “We focus on teaching students important skills and knowledge they need to kick-start their careers in law.”

Last year the degree was launched by the University in order to help prepare young professionals for a career in the legal industry and by this stage last year there were around 600 applications made. This year has seen that figure rise to 1,000 already which shows that despite the uncertainty surrounding the industry on a whole there is still plenty of appeal for a career in law.

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