Law Society calls for postponement of all civil justice reforms

This article was published on: 01/22/13

Lucy Scott-Moncrieff of The Law Society

The Law Society has called for the government to follow up the decision to halt the road traffic accident portal (RTA Portal) expansion by postponing the implementation of the rest of the civil justice reforms as well.

Society President, Lucy Scott-Moncrieff praised the decision by Chris Grayling to halt plans to extend the RTA Portal but insisted that is not where the postponements should end.

She said: “However much the Law Society and its member may dislike some of the changes being introduced by the Legal Aid Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders (LASPO) Act, we recognise that parliament has spoken. Our concern now is that rushed and ill-judged implementation will damage public confidence in the justice system, which is in nobody’s interests.

“It is a sign of good government to spend more time ensuring that changes are properly thought through so that everybody, including practitioners, has time to prepare properly.”

There has been widespread opposition to the Government’s proposals for the civil justice reforms over the recent months and last Friday was the final day for submission for the consultation regarding plans to reduce the amount of costs recoverable in RTA Portal cases.

APIL have previous claimed that nearly three-quarters of personal injury firms will consider reducing staff numbers if the reform goes forward.

It is these plans as well as the plans to increase the small claims limit for £1,000 to £5,000 that Moncrieff is appealing for Grayling to halt plans in order to give the industry more plans to prepare for.

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