Lancashire’s roads improving & safer say council

This article was published on: 08/11/16

Thanks to a three stage action plan, figures show that Lancashire’s roads are improving in condition even after major flood damage across the region last Christmas (notably at our home of Skelmersdale).

Improvements made

The 15 year plan, put in place by Lancashire County Council, aims to target repairs to be carried out in order to radically improve the quality of roads across the county. The plan is a reaction to the funding structure by the government in which only councils in the top band of performance reviews will receive 100% of funding available. Lancashire County Council did fall into that bracket and received an extra £4.9 million for road maintenance.

The funding has allowed work to go ahead, which has seen the percentage of roads requiring maintenance in Lancashire fall by 35%. Councillor John Fillis, who is the cabinet member for highways and transport, was very pleased with the results of the survey, stating “We’ve made marked improvements over the last two years…our more targeted approach is paying dividends”.

Fewer accidents

The news comes as a big positive for the residents of Lancashire who travel on the roads daily. Improved treatment for the condition of the County’s roads  is a positive step towards motorists being safer and will no doubt reduce the number of accidents..

Scott Rees & Co Partner, David Byrne, expressed his support for the action that the council are taking, insisting that such plans were a far better way to reduce the number of road traffic accident claims being made, than the Government’s proposals to increase the small claims limit.

“What the council are doing is a hugely positive step to reducing the number of accidents taking place on our roads. If the Government spent more time focusing on measures of accident prevention, rather than crippling reforms that withdraw a genuine accident victim’s access to justice, then naturally they would save the money they are looking to save, due to the reduction in road traffic accidents.”
“Reforms that restrict access to justice will only serve to reduce the number of claims. It will not reduce the number of genuine accident victims that occur. Instead it will lead to thousands of people, each year, being forced to cover the cost of their own recoveries, from injuries that were caused by the negligence of other motorists.”

If you have suffered as a result of a road traffic accident, whether it was caused by a road defect or another road user’s negligence, Scott Rees & Co can assist you.

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